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Confessions of a Coffee Fanatic

Ken Nye, owner of Ninth Street Espresso, is one of New York City’s most prominent coffee people. Since opening his specialty coffee store in 2001, it has expanded to three locations and become a mainstay for coffee purists. Ken believes in elevating the standards of coffee, while shedding it’s often snobby reputation.

MANY YEARS IN THE MAKING, my personal coffee brewing ritual has undergone lots of fine-tuning, and become an intimate part of waking up each morning. The sound of boiling water poured over ground beans,  the astringent aroma of steeping coffee, the dark liquid pouring into my cup — it’s all a lead-up to the coveted first sip.

Here’s the obsessive, step-by-step coffee-brewing routine of a self-described coffee fanatic:

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Brew a Better Cup of Coffee… Part 2

Whether you’re looking to get serious about your cup o’ joe, or just want to sip on something richer and more full-bodied, you don’t have to leave home to make it happen. Good things may not always come easy, but brewing a better cup of coffee can.

Last week we talked about how the right equipment and fresher beans lead to a better cup of coffee. Today, it’s all about the brew.

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Brew a Better Cup of Coffee… Part 1

Refine your morning ritual.

There’s nothing like holding a warm cup of coffee in the morning. The heat against your hands and sweet smell rising from your mug come together like an auspicious sign of good things to come. But once the coffee hits your lips, it’s all about the flavor. While some prefer their coffee bold and others might favor something more subtle, everyone wants the most flavor from their bean.

Brewing good coffee is an art. In my ten years as owner and operator of three popular New York City coffee shops, I’ve learned a good deal about how to consistently brew a great cup of coffee. From the beans you choose to the filters you use, almost everything affects the flavor. Let me share with you some insider advice and helpful tips, and you’ll be brewing better coffee in no time.

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