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British Recipes That Are Perfect for a Royal Baby Welcome Meal

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Royal Baby and placing our final gender bets Now that we know that Will and Kate have brought a little prince into the Royal family, Cooking Channel staffers have been thinking about the celebratory meals the Duchess and Duke will enjoy once they’ve returned home with the new babe. And though their dinners probably won’t consist of the most classic British recipes, it occurs to us how many of these silly-named foods would be fitting for any “welcome to the family” meal. (What can we say? We’ve got Royal Baby on the brain. We’re excited it’s a boy.)

Bubble and Squeak (shown above) is the perfect any-time-of-day meal to mimic the cooing and crying a newborn baby is bound to do. The dish —  given its name due to the silly sounds it makes while cooking — was originally made from the leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. But the fried root vegetable and bacon cakes are so delicious, they’re worthy of making from scratch. Top the savory assortment with a fried egg to make it a meal.

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Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Party Menu


Olympic Games Opening Night Ceremony Menu

Cooking Channel has the globally-inspired menu to kick the Olympics off right.

As the Opening Night Ceremony of the Summer 2012 Olympic Games approaches, I’m looking forward to the international spectacle with increasing enthusiasm. Allegedly, this little shindig to celebrate the cultures of the world will cost roughly $42,000,000. (In case you’re wondering like we were, that’s enough to buy approximately 168 million Twinkies.) As athletes from countries all over the globe prepare to walk one-by-one into the Olympic Arena, we are reminded that:

1. The Australian Swim Team members are simply too good-looking to all live on that island together.

2. Our geography skills are poor if not abysmal: Spelling Kyrgyzstan correctly is close to impossible, never mind finding it on the map.

3. There are hundreds of countries competing AND THIS CEREMONY WILL LAST FOREVER.

We know, we know: The Opening Ceremony is a beautiful celebration of the cultures of the world. But let’s be real: Despite the cost of this ceremony, without a killer spread of diverse dishes, you’ll be bored to tears before the athletes from the countries that start with the letter “C” enter the arena. Cooking Channel has you covered with a tantalizing globally-inspired Opening Ceremony Party Menu:

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British Food Doesn’t Suck

Tyler Florence's Fish and Chips

Do you worry about those poor pole vaulters and butterfly swimmers at the Olympics being forced to eat bland pub food after weeks of intense competition? Worry not; the British food scene has much more to offer than bangers, mash and various combinations of the two. Tonight at 8pm ET on Cooking Channel, Chef Ross Burden (winner on BBC’s MasterChef) hosts the special Tasting England. He’ll travel from London to a small town called Devlin to Yorkshire to find out what’s on people’s plates in the U.K. For starters, local and organic cooking has been the standard for many Brits long before those terms became vogue in the U.S.A. (we mean centuries before). Even many of the classics—like fish and chips — are rebounding with fresh and modern preparations.

You can experience the distinctive fare for yourself with some of our favorite classic British recipes after the jump.

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Scottish Food for Disney’s “Brave”


Brave Scottish Food British Food Recipes

Celebrate the premiere of Disney/Pixar's Brave with our best Scottish and British Recipes.

Disney’s newest animated feature Brave chronicles the life of a Scottish young archer with flowing red hair named Merida. We know we want to see it, but the question is: What should we serve at our pre-Brave movie dinner?

When I think Scottish food, I think haggis. This national dish of Scotland is a savory pudding consisting of sheep’s pluck  (liver and heart and lungs — oh my) combined with onions, oatmeal, spices, herbs and stock, all encased in an animal’s stomach. Don’t forget to serve with “neeps and tatties” – that’s potatoes and turnips to you non-Scottish speakers.

Hungry yet? Or craving for something more…appetizing?

We’ve got the best (and yummiest) Scottish and British recipes to help you catch the Scottish spirit.

Brave Feast

The DunBroch family devours a Scottish feast in Brave. Join them!

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