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Red-White-and-Blue Bruschetta

berry bruschetta

10-minute red-white-and-blue appetizer: Our forefathers would approve.

Get ready for July Fourth entertaining with this easy recipe for red, white, and blue bruschetta. Or, red-white-and-blue-schetta. Bruschetta an ideal party snack or app because:

1) You can make it in minutes.

2) Everyone loves it (and is impressed by it).

3) Once you toast the bread, you can make endless variations of savory or sweet bruschetta.

And that’s not really all.

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Extra Virgin on Wheels: Bruschetta To Go

A very special Italian food truck -- Debi gets our menu ready.

This week on Extra Virgin, Debi and I volunteer our time for an important Los Angeles charity, Midnight Mission. Our contribution is to cook up a few Italian specialities and sell them on the Vesuvio Food Truck to a very hungry crowd. All the proceeds are going to The Midnight Mission!

On the menu are Turkey Meatballs, risotto croquettes or Arancini, and Sautéed Mushroom Bruschetta.

Meatballs and arancini are real treats in Tuscany, but bruschetta is a staple. It’s served in every home; in every bar as early as 11 am, when people get out of the office for a glass of prosecco or a traditional spuma (a light Italian soda); and as an appetizer for every event you might attend. But any time of the day is good for bruschetta, and the variety of toppings used is incredibly abundant, and seasonal.

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