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Meat Your Dream Burger with Our Grilling Personality Quiz

Devouring juicy burgers by the pool is living the dream, but picking which one to make isn’t. Match your foodie personality with our favorite burgers below and find out if you should grill up a classic burger (pictured above), a cheese-stuffed patty or some other befitting burg.

Want fries with that? Get our favorite french fry recipes, too.

For the Foodstagrammer

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Summer Soiree: 5 Sizzling Burgers

Backyard barbecues conjure plenty of cravings: lemonade, hot dogs, pasta salad, cold beer. But all are mere supporting cast members for the summer star, the burger. At the heart of nearly every barbecue is a grill full of sizzling patties. The all-American classic is a blank canvas for relishes, vegetables and other condiments. Once you’ve mastered Cooking Channel’s 6 tenets of burger deliciousness, try these new-style masterpieces.

1. The B-and-B “Bash Burger” (pictured above)
Take a page from three-time Burger Bash victor Josh Capon’s grilling playbook and spruce up your patties with onion-studded bacon jam and Sriracha-laced special sauce for a winner at your next summer party.

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Dinner Rush! Oktoberfest Beer Cheese Burgers

Take note, aspiring restaurateurs of America. Fewer things can ruin a dining experience than A. a server who doesn’t know the menu and B. vaguely named entrees (what exactly is Luau Margarita Sunset Chicken, anyway?).

This intersection of chaos and destruction landed in my lap recently at a local pub, where Beer Cheese was featured as a special on the menu. With a soft gaze and a polite tone, I asked my server to explain to me exactly what beer cheese is. His unsatisfying response? “I dunno, it just got put on the menu today. You know, it’s like cheese with beer in it. It’s good, though; you’ll like it.”

Enter the smart phone, the saving grace for curious modern minds. (I think phones at the dinner table are tremendously rude, but the circumstances offered no other solution.) Google came through in the clutch with an answer: Beer cheese is a smooth spread that’s reported to have originated in Kentucky and is made of, simply enough, beer and cheese. I could dream up all sorts of evocative descriptions of warm, peppery spices melded with piquant garlic all mounted on a foundation of extra sharp cheddar cheese. But let’s be real here: It’s a cheese spread. A delicious, spicy, garlicky cheese spread.  

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Dinner Rush! Caprese Sliders

If you’ve tuned into Food Network at some point in the nearly 20 years it has been on the air, you’ve probably heard (more than) one of the chefs talk at length about the importance of using high-quality ingredients in your cooking. “Only select the freshest” they decree from their perfectly lit and styled flat screen stages. Curious thing is, they’re right.

I suggest a classic caprese salad for consideration — basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and olive oil. Four ingredients — maybe throw on a dash of salt — and it’s done. There’s not a lot of room for rock star ingredients to make up for the stragglers there, so take just a couple of minutes as you’re working your way through the grocery store to pick the best ingredients you possibly can. Reach for the ripe red tomatoes. Spend an extra dollar or two for a fresh, fruity olive oil. Don’t buy basil unless it smells like a Sunday Italian supper.

What those Food Network stars are getting at is what Dinner Rush! is all about: quick and easy dinner plans that come together as delicious dinner creations using a short list of very tasty ingredients. The more delicious your starting point, the more satisfying and effortless your slide finish into dinner time will be.

Caprese Sliders

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Better Burgers for Your July 4th Party

Cripsy Tuna Cake Sliders

These Crispy Tuna Cake Sliders are a great lighter alternative to the classic burger.

When it comes to grilling, Burger is King. It always seems that when people gather, stomachs and minds in grilling mode, they can’t help but salivate over that delicious patty they’re about to layer on a bun with their favorite toppings, slather in sauces and sink their teeth into. These days, though, everyone seems to be on one special diet or another, or eager to venture beyond their burger-comfort zone. How do you please an entire crowd when one person is watching their cholesterol, another is vegetarian and half of your guests are bored with beef burgers?

We feel your pain and are here to help. Check out some of these alternatives to the classic burger. Use them as recipes and inspiration to please your crowd of hungry friends:

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Food Fight — Magic Mike vs. Juicy Lucy

Magic Mike Channing Tatum vs. Juicy Lucy

If you can't handle the heat...strip down to your buns.

As this Friday’s release of Warner Bros.’ Magic Mike approaches, stripper/actor Channing Tatum and his greased-up sidekicks have got us thinking: Do we have something that can match their level of hot, beefy goodness?

Yes we do, and her name is Lucy. Our Juicy Lucy Burger is ready to challenge Mike for the title of Hottest Sizzling Beefcake of the Summer (HSBOTS).


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Happy Father’s Day!

Best Recipes for Father’s Day

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Sifted: Father’s Day Recipes, Perfect Pancakes and Potstickers with a Twist

Two Outrageous Burgers by Giusto Gusto

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Nothing says “I love you, Dad” quite like a manly burger packed with flavor. Giusto Gusto brings out the big guns with Beef & Sausage Burgers with Horseradish Mayo and Turkey Burgers with Sriracha Mayo.
  2. What’s the secret to making delicious blueberry buttermilk pancakes every time? Visit Cooking Classy’s blog and find out!
  3. Make these adorable lawnmower cupcakes by Six in the Suburbs with the little ones this Father’s Day. The sweet treats may even be a subtle reminder of that unruly backyard that needs tending.
  4. It may be too hot for soup, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up it up completely. Iowa Girl Eats took all the greatness of French Onion Soup and transformed it into potstickers for a lighter, more summer-appropriate meal.
  5. Salad doesn’t have to mean green and boring. Some Kitchen Stories made a beautiful and fresh black rice salad with mango that we can’t wait to try.

Craving More?

Use our Summer Grilling Guide to plan your Father’s Day Menu. You’re sure to find a winner in our Top Burger Recipes.

Bonus Click! We can’t get over this idea of weight loss goggles. Goggles that trick you into eating less? Scary or fascinating? Tell us what you think because we can’t decide.


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It’s National Cheeseburger Day: West Coast vs. East Coast

Which is your fave?

Are you celebrating National Cheeseburger Day?  What better way than with a big, juicy, beefy, cheesy sandwich from your favorite burger joint?

But few can agree on who has the best cheeseburger. West Coast burger lovers are fanatic about In-N-Out.  3 x 3 cheeseburger, animal style, anyone?

But East Coast diners love the fresh ingredients used in every Five Guys burger. We’re craving two Little Cheeseburgers, with bacon!

Help us settle the score. Who reigns supreme?  Where will you get your burger today?

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Dynamic Duos: Favorite Food Combos

Burger and Fries

When it comes to classic food combos, burgers and fries reign king.

Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi, Sonny and Cher, and Cheech and Chong: when it comes to classic duos, these are merely a few of the famous pairings that come to mind.

Extend the conversation to food, though, and the whole thing gets a bit more heated. Just ask celebrity chefs Michael Symon and Duff Goldman who chimed in on Food Networks’ Best Thing I Ever Ate episode dedicated to food combinations.

Curious to find out what foods Cooking Channel fans like to mix, mash and pair up, we opened a poll and called out asking for all your favorite combos on facebook. 286 responses later, we came away with a few clear cut winners and some, well, some pretty unusual combinations.

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