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Dinner Rush! Cheeseburgers with “Secret Sauce”

We’ve all been there: the pounding headache of a hangover, the groggy nausea of an upset tummy, the throbbing rage of a stressful day at work. There are some challenges in life whose only resolution comes from a drive-thru window. Thus, in homage to the holistic powers of fast food condiments, this week’s Dinner Rush! is all about the miracle elixir known only as “secret sauce.”

It’s remarkably easy to bring the quintessential flavor of a fast food burger to your own barbecue. Having earned its acclaim on a stage of two all-beef patties, the sauce is obviously rock star on cheeseburgers, but it could also be used to elevate otherwise drive-thru-aspirational meals such as grilled chicken, steaks or even fish.

So, after all this buildup, prepare to be amazed as I tell you that the secret is to simply take all things otherwise delicious on a burger and mix them together. That’s it. The sauce is really that simple: six ingredients, one euphoric condiment and a lifetime of drive-thru bliss from the convenience of your own backyard.

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Sifted: Last Minute 4th of July Inspiration

Firecracker Popsicles by Becca Bakes

5 Hot Links We’re Loving

  1. Becca Bake’s firecracker popsicles call for fresh berries and vanilla frozen yogurt, so you can enjoy the festive treat without feeling guilty.
  2. Avoid the mess and stress of slicing pie in front of guests. Serve Pixels and Crumbs’ strawberry hand pies instead.
  3. Burgers are key for your backyard barbecue tomorrow, and Dainty Chef’s take on the infamous Shake Shake patty is a sure hit.
  4. Beer may be the classic cookout beverage, but A Farm Girl’s Dabbles’ sangria with rosé and bourbon may just be this year’s biggest hit.
  5. Don’t forget your veggies. Love and Lemons’ grilled vegetable skewers with chile-lime oil are great by themselves but even better with avocado, salsa and tortillas.

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7 Healthy Burger Toppings

I’m going to start this post with a defense of the burger. While they get a bit of a bad rep, hamburgers can actually be pretty healthy. A 3-oz. burger (at least half the size of the burgers most restaurants serve) has a pretty low amount of calories (184), and it’s an excellent source of iron, zinc, protein and niacin.

But things can start to go downhill in the nutrient department when you top the burger with bacon, cheese, mayo — all extras that drive up the calories and saturated fat content. Keep your burger virtuous with these healthy toppings:

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Dinner Rush! Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh mi-style sandwiches seem to be popping up everywhere lately. While I love this — because I love a good banh mi — I’ve got one big bone to pick. Most of the ones I’ve had are simply not good.

Now, before the rotten fruit starts flying, just hear me out! There are a couple of key elements to the flavor profile of the banh mi that I feel many restaurants try to cheat out and cut corners on. It’s in that moment that bad sandwiches happen and days are ruined.

Sriracha Mayo
Nowhere near a feat of rocket science-level engineering, the combination of mayonnaise with Sriracha is a thing of sheer magic. It’s creamy, spicy and satisfying light-years beyond plain-old original mayo. Do your banh mi condiment a favor and give it some Sriracha lovin’.

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