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Dinner Rush! Porterhouse Pork Chops with Balsamic Roasted Grapes

Butchery has never been my strong suit. I was a baking and pastry major in college and managed to pick up cooking along the way. I think I’m pretty good at it. Meat, however, has just never been my thing. Navigating my way through half of a cow or pig to net out with individual cuts is a feat that has always left me baffled.

Earlier in the year, the USDA started a new press campaign to rename common cuts of beef and pork, which I’m super on board with. The overarching goal (which will really help us aspiring butchers) is to sync up the names of similarly shaped cuts from two different animals. I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for the craft of the butcher, but I cannot, for the life of me, keep all of the different cut names straight. Imagine my elation when this whole thing came full circle and porterhouse pork chops starting showing up in the meat case at my local market. I know exactly what I’m getting. I know exactly how to cook it. And I feel just a bit smarter because of it.

Here’s the problem with too much information, though: The more you know, the less material you have when flirt-chatting with Jeremy the blue-eyed butcher.

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Kelsey Nixon, Out and About

Kelsey's Essentials with Kelsey Nixon

Get ready for a whole new season of Kelsey’s Essentials. This time around, Kelsey’s spending some time out of the kitchen, looking for inspiration as she develops new recipes.

Tune in to today’s premiere as she steps into the role of butcher at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn, New York. Kelsey gets a lesson a butchering, gaining a new appreciation for a butcher’s favorite cut of meat, the eye of round steak (much less expensive than other premium cuts). Plus, she learns how to make fresh sausage, tailoring the ingredients to her recipe.

Kelsey puts her new skills to use by serving up Chicken Fried Steak and Sausage and Shrimp Over Grits.

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