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4 Sneaky Ways to Replace Carbs with Cauliflower

At the base of most of our favorite comfort foods are carbs, making it tough to justify eating them every day. But with one magical ingredient swap, you can indulge more often without the guilt trip and get in a serving of vegetables. Stock up on a few heads of cauliflower to make pizza crust (using Tia Mowry’s easy recipe, pictured above), tots, mac and cheese, and more.

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Fall Fest: Cauliflower and Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese

In our humble opinion, Thanksgiving is superior to any other day of the year. In an effort to make this year’s feast the best of all time (sorry, Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe), we’re bringing you the recipes, how-tos and decorating ideas to help you become a Turkey Day pro.

I can’t think of cauliflower without thinking about cheese. And since the temperature dipped below 40 degrees last night, my Dutch oven returned from its seasonal hiatus to host a twist on Rachael’s Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

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Dinner Rush! Cauliflower Steaks with Beans and Tomatoes

I’ll be the first to admit that cauliflower isn’t taking home first place for sexiest vegetable in your cart. It’s stark white, oddly bulbous and belongs to a family of vegetables classified as cruciferous. Woof. But, hidden inside those dense ivory florets is a ton of flavor with a gilding of abundant vitamins and minerals. So go ahead, embrace the cauliflower. Put a little lipstick on it and try serving cauliflower steaks (now that sounds sexy.)

When I say “steak,” what we’re going for here is a cross-section slice taken from the center of the vegetable. Since cutting through the core along with some florets is key to keeping the steak intact, you’re only going to get about four of them out of a large head of cauliflower. The florets that fall away are still perfectly good for whatever other cauliflower preparations you may dream up, so hang onto those for later use. I find it most effective to cut any green leaves away from the bottom and put the vegetable on the cutting board stem side up. Now that you can see where the center actually is, it’ll be much easier to slice through it, ensuring you get a nice core sample to keep each steak intact.

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Meatless Monday: Cauliflower With Sweet Potatoes

cauliflower and sweet potatoes

Meatless Monday is a global movement, a way of life. It’s not a campaign to turn everyone in the world vegetarian or vegan; in fact, many involved are meat-lovers. Eating less meat has been proven to reduce the risk of disease, curb obesity and has important environmental impacts, too. Will you join us in giving up meat, just for one day a week?

Living in New York City, it’s easy to get lazy about cooking at home. Most people I know live on takeout (when they’re not dining out). It’s so tempting though; I have easy access to amazing food to suit any craving. I can get standard American fare, Mexican and Italian, of course, but more exotic options like Ethiopian or Peruvian are just as easy to come by. Takeout isn’t always indulgent or expensive either; there are plenty of healthy places (smoothie/juice bars, vegan cafes, raw food restaurants, or restaurants that serve variations on oatmeal or yogurt) within walking distance from my office and apartment, and most are really affordable or have plenty of cheaper options.

So why cook at home at all? My kitchen is ridiculously tiny, it’s a pain to carry loads of grocery bags home and cleanup isn’t exactly a breeze (I have a dishwasher but it only opens halfway because the fridge is in the way). But the answer is simple: I cook at home because I like to. After a long day at work, cooking a meal actually helps me decompress. And there’s no better feeling than making a meal that tastes better than something I would have picked up at a favorite restaurant.

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Fall Fest: 6 Unexpected Cauliflower Dishes

Cauliflower constantly amazes me with its versatility. You can roast it until it becomes delicate, tender and slightly charred, and whatever spices are used become deeply aromatic; you can use the meaty florets to bring a hearty texture to salads or vegetarian chili; or you can blend cauliflower with cream until it lends a luscious consistency to soups and purees. And let’s not forget that in its humble, raw form, cauliflower’s crisp and crunchy texture makes it great for simply dipping. However you choose to cook (or not cook) your cauliflower, this snowy white vegetable gets a whole new appeal when it becomes the star of a dish.

Here are six recipes for creative cauliflower eating:

Get the Recipe: Cauliflower with Sweet Potatoes (pictured above)

This unlikely duo of cauliflower and sweet potatoes is pan-roasted with fresh ginger, coriander, cumin and yellow-hued turmeric.

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Fall Fest: 4 Ways to Cook Cauliflower

We’re continuing our season long Fall Fest 2011, which welcomes food and garden bloggers to feature garden-to-table recipes and tips. We’ll help you to enjoy all that this season has to offer. First up was the classic fall favorite, apples, then a Thanksgiving staple, potatoes, fun with pumpkin and now we’re featuring cauliflower.

Forget the cauliflower mush from your past. It’s time to give this versatile veggie another try. It’s great in everything from soups to pastas and more. Since it’s a hearty and starchy vegetable, it’s a good way to fill out any dish. It’s also great solo, when you cook it the right way: roasted, with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

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