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Eat Burritos for a Cause Other Than Deliciousness

Joining the history books along with Free Cone Day and whatever it is Taco Bell called the day they gave away those Doritos tacos, Chipotle will be selling pretty much everything on their menu for just $2 to anyone in costume on Halloween. They are calling it, of course, Boo-rito Day.

In previous years, the chain required patrons to dress as a burrito (see above) to get free stuff, but we’re not convinced dressing as one as you eat one won’t cause a space/time paradox. On top of the cheap grub, Chipotle will be donating all of the proceeds of the event to charity, so you can feel good as you stuff your face so much that you feel bad.

Alternatively, you can stay at home in your pajamas and cook some awesome Halloween grub for cheap, too.

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Matt’s Chipotle Sweet-Potato Spoon Bread

Chipotle Sweet Potato Spoon Bread

Serve up a spoonful of deliciousness.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the best part of Thanksgiving is the sides. While I’m definitely a turkey lover (dark meat, please), it’s that plateful of savory stuffing, mashed potatoes, greens in the form of beans or brussels sprouts and the sweet tang of cranberries or chutney that really gets me going. And as long as I’m confessing my love for sides, I’m not afraid to tell you that I’ll make more than necessary so I have plenty to indulge in (and lots for leftovers). Maybe one year I’ll even have an entire Thanksgiving feast just of side dishes. It could happen.

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