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Top Restaurants Share Their Best Recipes

Picture this: You’re sitting in your favorite restaurant after devouring an incredible meal, already imagining when you’ll have it next. If you’re lucky, this happens pretty regularly, but not everyone can bankroll a daily trip out for the best steak or decadent brunch. Thankfully, some top restaurants have given us their famous recipes, from an epic Monte Cristo sandwich in Portland, Ore., to a buttery coconut cake from Asheville, NC.

Check out seven secret recipes below from Chuck Hughes’ adventures across the country, and for more, watch Chuck’s Eat the Street on Sundays at 10:30am ET.

Monte Cristo

DIY a jaw-dropping brunch with this French-toast breakfast sandwich from Sunshine Tavern in Portland, Ore. But instead of putting a bird on it as they do on Portlandia, put an egg on it!

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Chuck Hughes Has His Own Vans Sneakers — And You Can Get Them

Chuck Hughes is the mayor of Awesome Chef Styleville. He continually takes his passion for cooking and cool design and creates beautiful things. For proof, you can look at his limbs, adorned with artwork of bacon, lemon meringue pie, lobster and arugula, to name an armful. Now he’s taking his authority of food fashion and adding some function to the form. Chuck’s teaming up with Vans and a Montreal-based boutique called Off The Hook to create two pairs of all-black, kitchen-ready sneakers they call the “Black Crab.”

According to the release, both are “constructed from water-repellant materials with minimal stitching on the uppers and with waxed cotton laces to withstand the at-times tumultuous kitchen environment.” In any case, they’re definitely more fashionable than bright orange Crocs.

The $134 shoes will be soled (shoe joke) at the Off The Hook store in Montreal or on their site starting March 22 if you can Oxford them (shoe joke). Even if you can’t literally get a hold of Chuck Hughes’ shoes, you can still figuratively take a walk in them by tuning in to Chuck’s Eat the Street every Thursday at 10pm ET.

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31 Days of Cookies: S’Mores Cookies

This year, we’re celebrating the season with a month of nonstop cookies. For the third day of cookies, we bring you this wintry one-bite take on the s’more, courtesy of Chuck Hughes.

Click here for the S’mores Cookies recipe.

More cookies:
All-Star Cookie Swap
Food Network’s 12 Days of Cookies

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Web-Exclusive: Watch Chuck Hughes Get a Tattoo

The easternmost city in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland, sits right where Arctic currents meet the warm Gulf Stream. That combination produces some nasty weather, the greatest fishing ground the world has ever known and some killer restaurants all located on Water Street. For Chuck Hughes tonight at 10pm, that means learning to make some interesting dishes like Moose Bourguignon and Fisherman’s Tea — and then commemorating the whole St. John’s experience with a new tattoo of a baby seal.

Watch him get inked in our web-exclusive video:

Check out Chuck’s Eat the Street at 10pm ET every Thursday to see him uncover the best food in North America.

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How to Make Cocos Frios

On tonight’s new episode of Chuck’s Eat the Street at 10pm ET, Chuck visits San Juan to taste the tropics on Fortaleza Street. One of his stops is at a street stand called the Coconut Cart where he learns how to drink cold and refreshing coconut water straight from the source.

Cocos Frios

What you need: a coconut and a straw

What you do: Place coconut in a refrigerator, and let stay overnight. Slice open the top, add straw and serve fresh.

Tune in to Chuck’s Eat the Street at 10pm ET to see Chuck Hughes catch spiny lobster in the ocean and then turn it into delicious ceviche with coconut cream and lime; cook paella for 80 people in a 54-inch pan; and make traditional mofongo with skirt steak that rivals that of any Puerto Rican grandmother.

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Watch the Season Premiere of Chuck’s Eat the Street

If Aspen is known for one thing, it’s being a world-class Alpine playground. But even 8,000 feet above sea level, there’s a food scene that keeps Aspen pretty down to earth. On tonight’s season 2 premiere of Chuck’s Eat the Street, Chuck Hughes hits up Aspen’s Hopkins Avenue to uncover the best food around.

Tune in to Chuck’s Eat the Street tonight and every Thursday at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel.

Get a taste of what to expect from the show:

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Chuck Hughes Wins Chef Volleyball Tournament

Chuck Hughes and Spike Mendelsohn at SOBE
Unless you’re into things like delicious food, hanging out on a warm and sunny beach in the middle of winter and mingling with awesome celebrity chefs, The South Beach Food & Wine Festival probably isn’t for you. The event still has a lot to offer the other one of you, though … like volleyball tournaments. Spike Mendelsohn, of Next Iron Chef notoriety, hosted the Let’s Get Spiked Volleyball Tournament today where four teams comprised of food people like Alex Guarnaschelli, Justin Warner and Pat LaFrieda took to the sand to take a pass at a different kind of serving.

It turns out that a lot of chefs suck at sports. But you know who didn’t suck? Cooking Channel’s own Chuck Hughes who brought home the gold medal along with his teammates Josh Capon, Andrew Zimmern and Kris Wessel. Congratulations, Chuck. Maybe one day you’ll find something you’re not good at. For now, why don’t you take a day off.

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Watch Chuck Hughes Tour the Country’s Best Food

Chuck’s Eat the Street premieres tonight at 8:30pm ET on Cooking Channel. Chuck Hughes is hitting the most famous streets in the country — from Magazine Street in New Orleans to Anchorage’s Fourth Avenue  — to sample the amazing food on them. Click the picture of Chuck tasting the shockingly delicious veggie meatballs at Marabella Meatball Co. to flip through his photos of Philadelphia’s best eats on Walnut Street.

Tune in to Chuck’s Eat the Street every Tuesday at 8:30pm ET to watch Chuck experience the food, history and lore behind America’s most famous street.

Get more on Chuck’s Eat the Street

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Meatless Monday: Tomato-Cheese Tart

tomato tart
I’ve been waiting for months to make this recipe. I didn’t even consider it in the spring when there were no tomatoes to be found at the farmers’ market and the grocery store’s tomatoes were all hard and salmon-colored. But as soon as there were enough ripe tomatoes at the market, I grabbed enough to make this tart, plus tomato salad and a batch of gazpacho (I really, really like tomatoes).

Chuck’s Tomato-Cheese Tart looks fancy enough to serve at a party, but it’s simple enough for a weeknight dinner at home. You don’t need any special equipment, just a baking sheet, and it’s made with store-bought filo dough, so you won’t be slaving over the crust. Tomatoes are usually paired with mozzarella, so the nutty Swiss used in this tart is a welcome change; the cheese and the sharpness of the Dijon mustard pair well with the sweet tomatoes.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Chuckmas

Chuckmas Turkey

Chuck Hughes has had a big year. After continuing to run a successful restaurant day in and day out, moving into a new house and still finding time to shoot cooking shows on his days off, most people would be ready to curl up for a long winter’s nap. But not Chuck! This year, he’s cooking up a brand new holiday celebration: Chuckmas.

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