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25 Ways to Use Oranges

Oranges are available year-round, but during winter (when citrus is in season) they give us the little burst of tropical elements and vitamin C that we need to stave off cabin fever and colds alike. So while you’re sifting through these recipes and deciding which ones you need to make immediately, put on the Beach Boys and channel your inner tropical paradise.

  1. Crepes Suzette with Vanilla Ice Cream and Orange Butter Sauce is a classic combo. Crepes should be paper thin, so just use a small ladle of the batter in a smoking-hot pan — it may take a few tries to get them looking perfect, but even mess-ups will taste good with some ice cream.
  2. Quick-cooking Grilled Pork Tenderloin a la Rodriguez with Guava and Orange-Habanero Mojo (pictured above) will be a winner with the whole family. Habaneros normally hit around 200,000 on the Scoville scale, which means they’re super-hot — don’t touch your face or eyes after chopping!
  3. A quick blender ice cream cools down Tyler Florence’s Orange Cream Mimosa. Substitute the Champagne with sparkling cider or ginger ale for an under-21-friendly libation.
  4. Orange zest can be just as important as the fruit itself, as it gives off a strong fruity-floral flavor without the sweetness from the juice. Experiment with orange zest in everything from marinades to salad dressing to desserts like Toasted Coconut and Orange Icebox Cookies.
  5. Nothing chases away the winter blues like fiery San Diego-Style Blue Corn Salmon Tacos with Orange-Habanero Hot Sauce.

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Best Ways to Use Citrus Right Now

For most of the year, I like to eat fruits and vegetables that have been grown locally. But if I can say one thing about January, it’s that it’s a hard time of year to be a locavore in the northeast. Root vegetables and cabbage are pretty much the only things I can get that were grown in Vermont right now, which is why I love that it’s also citrus season. In Spain, California and Florida, citrus fruits are at their peak. The juicy yellow-, orange- and pink-fleshed lemons, oranges and grapefruit, respectively, are like a ray of sunshine in the middle of a dreary winter. While my favorite way to enjoy citrus has to be popping the easy-to-peel, ever-so-sweet clementines and satsumas like they’re candy, I also like to use citrus in recipes. Here are some of my favorites right now:

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Thirsty Thursday: Whole Citrus Margaritas

Cold, winter months usually make me long for something light and refreshing to break up the heavy and hearty meals. It’s easy to forget that citrus season is now at its peak, so get ready to capture the full, brilliant flavor of winter’s bounty in an alcoholic beverage. Freshly juiced navel oranges, limes and lemons will bring a stunning citrus-y flavor to this margarita mixture of Cointreau, Triple Sec, and tequila. Though it may seem foolish to break out the blender for frozen margaritas mid-winter, there’s really no better time to turn out pitchers of these frosty Whole Citrus Margaritas.

Want to switch it up? This drink can be made on the rocks. And since freshness is key, the recipe can also be adjusted to whatever citrus fruit is freshest and available at your grocery store. Don’t be afraid to swap in tangerines, blood oranges, key limes or Meyer lemons.

Bottoms up, folks.

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Craving: More Pie!

Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie

Some say this is the year of the pie. While I’m all for the advancement of my all-time favorite dessert (yes, I love it more than all things chocolate), I’m with Brooklyn’s Baked bakery co-owner Matt Lewis, who summed it up like this: Let’s talk about pie less and eat it more.

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Cool Citrus

Dull winter days are brightened up by this amazing display of citrus fruits at Chelsea Market's Manhattan Fruit Exchange in New York City.

Produce markets are exploding with bright citrus fruits right now, all ripe, ready and at their peak. It’s time to dive in! Go ahead, try a new cool citrus fruit a day to savor the season.

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Pix Potluck – Cinco de Mayo Ceviche

Cinco de Mayo Ceviche by FB'er, Alex Lopez

Cinco de Mayo Ceviche by FB'er, Alex Lopez

Seeking a lighter, fresher chaser for your margaritas on Cinco de Mayo? Food person, Alex Lopez shared a great pic for inspiration on Facebook

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