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How to Survive a Juice Cleanse

Here are a few tips for getting through a juice cleanse from Classy Ladies Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark.

Thirsty Thursday: Spice it up with the 5-Spice on Ice Cocktail

Get the recipe for the 5-Spice on Ice cocktail — a deeply spiced drink that will pique your taste buds.

Thirsty Thursday: Me So Corny (Um, Kettle Cornucopia) Cocktail

For those who are like me and could consume a bag of kettle corn in about two seconds, try this boozed-up, unconventional way to get your kettle corn fix. This liquid gold from Alie and Georgia tastes just like the seductively buttery, salty caramel corn we crave.  They start with bourbon, a corn-based whiskey, for […]

The Best Pancake Recipes for National Pancake Day

Let’s celebrate National Pancake Day with a hearty helping of some of the best, most interesting pancakes recipes out there.

Thirsty Thursday: Grape Expectations

Classy Ladies’ Alie and Georgia will send you on a sugar high with their Grape Expectations Cocktail.

Hump Day Snack: Gold Medal-Olympians Drink $3149 Cocktails

Someone who proves him or herself as one of the world’s best athletes at the Olympics deserves to let loose. And while you’d think the best way to celebrate surviving two weeks of intense competition would involve hours of jacuzzi time followed by a two- to nine-month nap, a club in London feels otherwise. The bar […]