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The Pretentious Food Critic Baby

Fine restaurants beware: This baby is very particular about the food served on kids’ menus.

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The Five Best Candies to Get on Halloween

Paul F. Tompkins

5) SMARTIES. These tiny discs of concentrated sugar contain enough tartness to serve as a perfect palate cleanser between your milk-chocolate-and-caramel courses.

4) BUTTERFINGER. Whatever the substance in this bar is that bonds like Gorilla Glue to your teeth makes this hearty treat last way, way longer than any other chocolate bar. You are done with it before it’s done with you. ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE: Clark Bar.

3) MILKY WAY MIDNIGHT. The candy bar that brought grown-up elegance to Hallowe’en. The hint of dark chocolate sophistication practically forces you to extend your pinky whilst gorging.

2) CANDY CORN. Not because it’s good. Because it’s not. What is this, the Great Depression? Why are we eating this brightly colored Appalachian wax? I’ll tell you why: because if you knew no pain, you’d never know joy. You eat candy corn because it’s there, and you can’t stop yourself. It’s still, thanks in large part to its name, TECHNICALLY candy. But when you eat some of the top-shelf stuff after a handful of these sad shapes, you appreciate the effort made by huge, faceless corporations.

1) REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. For my money, the undisputed King of All Hallow’s Eve. Not the two-disc sleeve, not the miniatures in gold foil (the sweet-to-savory ratio is WAY off on those), I speak of the individual cups. And the packaging is ORANGE. Intelligent design? A case could be made!

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How Comedian Reggie Watts Eats on Tour

Reggie Watts

We caught up with the brilliant comedian/musician Reggie Watts (IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang) in San Francisco at the Outside Lands Music Festival and asked him about how he eats on tour:

Food is important, but when you tour you sometimes end up eating some pretty sh*tty food. Which sucks.

But I do try to find out the great restaurants to go to before I go to a city. Like I went to Heirloom Cafe the other day which was awesome. And I went to Zuni and had their famous chicken.

If I am in town more than a day then I have a high chance of actually going somewhere great that has a beautiful philosophy behind it — a philosophy about quality. I really love quality but sometimes you just gotta eat a hot dog cause there is nothing else around.

I wish we had Del Taco and Chipotle. They are really best in San Fran. You must visit them. Just so you know how terrible things can be.

BONUS: Watch this hilarious clip of Reggie and Michael Cera musically improvising on their love of food.

Photo and interview by Andrew Wintner of The Beat Advisory

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Watch the Wine Snobs of Fodder

“This wine tastes like a day in Tuscany, full of regret,” and other snobbish evaluations of some glasses of red are here for your enjoyment:

Check out more hilarious parodies of food culture with our original web comedy series Fodder.

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Loving: The Galloping Gourmet

Graham Kerr -- The Galloping Gourmet

The Galloping Gourmet series that made Graham Kerr famous was before my time, but I’ve caught a few clips of his hilarity on YouTube.  He literally galloped over a chair to make his entrance and drank copious amounts of wine as he cooked, never holding back on the clarified butter.

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