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Pick Your Mix-In: 5 Takes on Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

A chilly day is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and bake. Before you mix up your go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe, check out our favorite twists on the classic cookies that may tempt you to bake a batch of something new.

1. Mix-In: Bacon (pictured above)

Lee Ann Wong’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies feature diced bacon that is cooked until the bacon pieces are golden and crisp. Stir them into your cookie batter for a salty (and meaty) twist on the normally vegetarian-friendly chocolate chip cookies.

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5 Ways to Cook Potatoes


Versatile and filling, potatoes can be baked in the oven, steamed on a stove or even cooked in a slow cooker. Try your hand at each method and pick your favorite way of cooking these starchy tubers.

1. The Baked Potato (pictured above)

Alton’s basic recipe for a baked potato becomes a complete dinner with your favorite potato toppings. Cook large, russet potatoes for an hour in the oven and serve with a variety of fixings from sour cream and chives to cheddar cheese.

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