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Cookbook Giveaway: Southern Biscuits

Light and flaky, rich and moist, crumbly, silky, buttery, savory: Yes, there are a lot of biscuits out there, and I can’t think of a more fun summer project than exploring them all, baking up batch after batch for picnics, potlucks, grill-outs and backyard barbecues. With Southern Biscuits, by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart, perfect […]

By the Book: The Food of Spain

Years ago, I spent a few months in Madrid working as a culinary intern in an upscale restaurant. I intended to learn as much as I could about Spanish food and cooking, but of course spent most of my time chopping and peeling, observing and eating. I didn’t end up coming home with a single recorded recipe. Flipping through […]

By the Book: Grandma’s Cookies, Updated by Milk & Cookies

About a month ago, a ho-hum company meeting took a riveting turn when I bit into a cookie from a large tray making its way around the conference room. It tasted of pure comfort and nostalgia. . . I tried another, and another, sampling each kind, breaking off pieces here and there – they were […]

By the Book: The Japanese Grill

Growing up in the Midwest, my first exposure to Japanese food was a local teppanyaki restaurant, where knives would click, flames would fly and I would anticipate the first whiff of seductive, sizzling sauce hitting the flat-top grill, the aroma permeating my senses, getting tangled in my hair.  Brushing a beef marinade from the new […]

By the Book: Cooking With Gwyneth and Loving It

When one of my favorite actresses started to chum around on TV with my favorite Food Network and Cooking Channel chef, Mario Batali, the world seemed to tilt uncomfortably on its axis, and I wasn’t sure how I liked it. But this didn’t stop me from signing up for the newsletters from Gwyneth’s lifestyle web […]

By the Book: Fast & Easy Weeknight Recipes from Food Network Mag

I have to admit that working for Food Network, as well as Cooking Channel, I’m a little biased in my opinion of Food Network Magazine Great Easy Meals: 250 Fun & Fast Recipes. As a loyal fan and reader since the first issue of Food Network Magazine, the weeknight dinner recipes have become staples in […]

By the Book: Vegetarian Cooking With Super Natural Every Day

I like blogger cookbooks, since it seems like the authors have reached success in the most democratic way possible – with the public voting through clicks and comments. Readers are drawn to their personalities and connect with their food sense, so it’s only natural that the best bloggers should create more organized, sticky-note friendly versions […]

By the Book: Sustainable Cooking Every Day from River Cottage

In the British television series, River Cottage, sustainable foods advocate Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall lives in a rural cottage and feeds his family and friends from his garden and off the land. Fresh, seasonal and local ingredients are the key to his food philosophy, but don’t worry, River Cottage Every Day isn’t for foragers, gardeners and butchers […]

Poll: The Ideal Cookbook Shelf

This print Ideal Bookshelf 102: Cooking by Jane Mount on art site 20×200 caught our eye, and made us realize that we haven’t had a good cookbook round up in a while…

Loving: The Galloping Gourmet

The Galloping Gourmet series that made Graham Kerr famous was before my time, but I’ve caught a few clips of his hilarity on YouTube.  He literally galloped over a chair to make his entrance and drank copious amounts of wine as he cooked, never holding back on the clarified butter.