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25 Ways to Use Cranberries

So you made your own cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving (or maybe you’re now regretting skipping the homemade cranberry sauce and want to try some out — here and here — to pair with leftovers). Woop-dee-freaking-doo. If you’re only utilizing cranberries once a year, you’re doing it wrong. They’re super tart and slightly sweet and contains tons of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Cranberries are in season throughout the winter, when most fruit is not, leaving you no excuses. Follow Maine and Wisconsin’s lead (the cranberry is celebrated as the official fruit of both states) and start figuring out why cranberries are your new best friend.

  1. Use leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving for Fully Festive Ham.
  2. A rustic Pear and Cranberry Crostata is exactly what you need: almond cream topped with sweet baked pears and fresh cranberries, all tucked into a freeform tart (pictured above.)
  3. If you’re like me (don’t judge!) you always have a secret stash of canned cranberry sauce; break it out for three-ingredient Cran Sorbet.
  4. Leftover pudding (it’s more fruitcake than pudding) plus leftover cranberry sauce equals Jamie’s Leftover Christmas Pudding and Ice Cream Sundae.
  5. Try Michael Symon’s Cranberry Sauce with Bourbon and Vanilla Bean and Orange to make Michael Chiarello’s Fresh Cran-Apple Crostata. If you’re short on time (or patience), substitute the tart dough with store-bought puff pastry dough.

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Dinner Rush! Hanger Steaks with Ginger-Cranberry Sauce

Hanger Steaks with Ginger Cranberry Sauce

With Turkey Day just around the corner, everyone seems to have their knickers in a twist about turkey, stuffing and all that nonsense. Sure, it’s all delicious (and don’t even get me started on the binge-fest known as “dessert”), but I’m getting a bit of a head start on the unsung, fail-safe hero of the Thanksgiving table. I’m giving it up for the cranberry.

Pigeonholed into a can-molded, jellied sidekick to turkey or juiced companion to vodka and lime, the breadth of the cranberry’s abilities is far-reaching and delicious. Think of it as going great with more than just poultry or booze. Take a hanger steak, for instance. It is rich, meaty and sings in perfect harmony with the tart, acidic flavor of cranberries.

This time of year, picking up fresh cranberries is easy-breezy, but when the cornucopias and tinsel find their way back into the holiday storage bin, remember the humble cranberry (he does live in the freezer section in the off-season).  Think what a great companion he was at the holidays, and savor that all year long.

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