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Crab Feast Food Fight: Maryland vs. Louisiana

Maryland crab feast

Maryland crabs look like they came straight out of the sand; it's really just loads of Old Bay seasoning.

I grew up in Maryland. My husband-to-be hails from Louisiana. Though our hometowns were quite different, one thing unites both states: seafood. We both grew up digging into hard-shell crabs on tables spread with butcher paper, learning as young tykes how to extract as much meat as possible from each one. But that’s where the seafood similarity ends. We happened to visit both families on back-to-back weekends this summer, which presented the perfect opportunity for a regional crab smackdown.

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How to Host a Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil

It seems every part of the country has its own unique type of seafood extravaganza, whether it’s a Low Country boil in Charleston, a clambake in Maine, or a crawfish boil down in New Orleans.  I’ve been to quite a few in my day, but this year it was high time I hosted my own.

Crawfish season, which usually runs from late April through June and sometimes into July, just so happened to coincide with my boyfriend’s birthday. As if I needed another excuse to celebrate!

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Crawfish in the Bayou


I am ashamed to say my knowledge of crawdads (also known as mudbugs, yabbies, mudpuppies and crawfish) goes only as far as Buck — the bright blue one I have in my fish tank at home. I watch him every day, but at no time have I ever thought to eat him because, to me, he looks like a terribly undersized lobster. You would be shot at the docks up North for eating a guy of his size. So this was the first hurdle I had to get over while hunting for these little critters down in the bayou.

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