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Date Ideas Better Than Dinner and a Movie

When it comes to dating, every move you make is an opportunity for your partner to judge you. Choosing dinner and a movie just might scream “Hi, I’m boring.” So why not try something different?

Have a 4-Course Dinner ‑ at 4 Different Places
Get in your apps, main, dessert and drinks, but do it at four different joints that you know rock that course best. Bey, yeah! Not only will it have you traveling around the city and getting to know each other, but you’ll have four chances to make your date sweat over who’s paying.

Do Something Neither of You Has Ever Done
Skydiving, a piercing, or hot-air ballooning are all pretty random, unconventional things that are easier to try with some eye candy by your side. Since you’re both total newbs at whatever you’re trying, this levels the playing field while upping the adrenaline (i.e., the recipe for a good time).

Work Up a Sweat
Minds out of the gutter. Hitting a gym or recreation center is a great way to get competitive with each other. Whether he spots you on the bench press or you help him bend into a yoga pose, it’ll get you both feeling at ease with the other. And, hey, even if the body odor takes over and ends things, at least you got a great workout in. Win/win.

Remember, the point of dating is not only to seal the deal with a hottie but also to have a little fun. Before long your “date-nights” will consist of sitting on the couch eating pizza and watching Law & Order reruns on Netflix, so you might as well enjoy your options while you can.

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