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Un-Ode to Eggs, Cholesterol and All

Best Egg Recipes

I set out not to write an ode to eggs. I was afraid I would be too obvious, embarrass myself with my unabashed affection for them.

My love started long ago. Mom would serve eggs for breakfast every morning before school. It got me through until lunchtime, headache and hunger-pain free. Those things tasted good and stuck with you, too. I was sold. I preferred the drippy yolks then as I do now, on anything from toast or pancakes to polenta or frisee au lardon.

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Meatless Monday: Curried Deviled Eggs

curried deviled eggs

The secret to winning deviled eggs is in the spices.

I’m about to reveal the secret to prize-winning deviled eggs: curry powder. For real. No one expects the combination of eggs and curry and when you serve these, expect reactions like, “These are incredible, but what’s in them?” And should you happen to have a deviled egg competition at your office, you’d probably tie for first place if you entered with a curried deviled egg.

Regardless of any competition, you’ll surely be involved in some holiday revelry in the coming weeks, and if you have a meatless diet — on Mondays or always — you’re used to suffering at holiday parties, camped out next to the crudites, watching all of the meat-lovers feasting on sliders, bacon-wrapped scallops and sausage-stuffed mushrooms. Don’t let that happen this year. Pick up a dozen eggs and make an appetizer that will delight vegetarians and have meat-lovers shunning the platter of mini meatballs.

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