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Hump Day Snack: Day of the Dead Cookies

It’s the day before Halloween and children everywhere are gearing up for a full-day sugar spree and plenty of costumed chaos. But let’s not forget the other celebratory holiday that follows directly on the heels of Halloween – El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Beginning at midnight on October 31st and lasting through November 2nd, this Mexican holiday commemorates the lives of the deceased with a gathering of friends and family in graveyards. Its origins are not associated with the eerie backstory of Halloween, but the festive sugar skulls, atole and Pan de Muertos that are served on the holiday do fit right in during the spooky season. These sugar skull-inspired brownie cookies are a simple way to celebrate the two holidays in one fell swoop, and decorating them at a Halloween party is a sweet alternative to pumpkin carving if you’re trying to avoid the combination of knives and large groups of intoxicated people. Colored with extra dark cocoa powder, these vegan treats are spiced with cayenne and cinnamon as an homage to Mexican flavors. Bake a big batch, mix as many shades of icing as you can muster and let your friends decorate until dawn.

Read on for Devour’s previous coverage of El Dia de los Muertos and have an epic double holiday this week:

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Get 20 Free Latin Tracks to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Tequila Lemonade

While many will be recovering from their tricks and treats, those south of the border (and north) will be preparing for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  The Mexican national holiday is a celebration when families and friends get together to honor and celebrate those who have died.

So on November 1, if you are up for a second night of devilish fun, we’re here to help.

As a special treat to go along with these great cocktails and bites, our good friends at Nacional Records, an amazing label that has the best new sounds of Latin music, are offering our readers a FREE download collection of 20 of today’s best and cutting-edge Latin tracks.

Download them now.

The Recipes:

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Skeletons and All, El Dia De Los Muertos Is a Time for Rejoicing

Colorful Candy Skulls

Colorfully decorated candy skulls are among the holiday's many traditions.

With Halloween having come and gone, we’re setting our sights on El Dia de Los Muertos, and learning that the two have less in common than you may think.  We’ve got a bit of background to help demystify the Mexican holiday.

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