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How to Throw a Coffee-themed Dinner Party

When it comes to potlucks and dinner parties, we’ve never met one we didn’t like* ‑ and we’ve never liked them more than when there’s a theme.

*see here, here and here for proof.

Seeing as how coffee is the life force that gets you through your day, may we suggest it as the main ingredient in your next potluck? With a strict rule of “no coffee cake” you’re sure to see some interesting dishes. Just be sure to supply your guests with a sleeping pill on their way out, lest you want your friends to rue the day you were born as they lie wired in bed that night.

Below are four coffee-centric courses and some interesting recipes for each. But remember, just as you wouldn’t use a cheap wine to cook with, you shouldn’t use crappy coffee either. Sticking to the rule “If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it” also applies to java.

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Dinner Party Duo Heads to Texas in “Married With Dishes”

Tamara Reynolds and husband Karl

Married With Dishes - Tamara Reynolds and her husband, Karl.

Tamara Reynolds (whom you may recognize from Unique Eats) and her husband, Karl, have been hosting an underground Sunday Night Dinner at their Queens apartment for nearly eight years. Needless to say, the couple are used to cooking for a crowd under pressure. But what happens when Cooking Channel sends them down to Fredericksburg, Texas to put on a homegrown feast for the Lone Star State in the new special Married With Dishes?

“Guerilla warfare,” Tamara says.  “It’s a stressful cooking situation, as you’ll see. Top Chef’s got nothing on me.”

The pair was given 12 hours to find a location, source ingredients and invite total strangers to a dinner that embodied Texas while still staying true to the area’s (and Tamara’s) German roots.

“There’s a whole German community in the middle of Hill Country in Texas,” she says. “I had no idea.”

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Host a Trashy TV Dinner Party

Trashy TV Dinner Parties

Last week we told you about what may have been the most complicated dinner party we’ve ever attended (culinarily speaking), The Vagrancy Project. So as not to make you think we’re elitist about food parties, because we do enjoy formal meals and casual dining alike, we wanted to tell you about our Bachelor Mondays dinners.

Yep, that’s right, we watched The Bachelor all season. By “watched,” we mostly mean “yelled at,” though, which is really where most of the fun is at. But now that the show is over, and Caveman and Model are left to their own devices (we’re guessing an US Weekly cover followed by a breakup followed by irrelevancy), we’re all left with a sad, empty spot on our calendars where Bachelor Mondays used to be.

Which is why, when one of the girls suggested we start watching Dancing with the Stars, we answered with a chorus of excited yeses. So if you need an excuse to get your friends together, look no further than your guilty pleasure TV shows (we’re lookin’ at you, Toddlers and Tiaras, Millionaire Matchmaker or any of those Real Housewives shows.) Here are three lessons we learned from Bachelor Mondays to help make your Trashy TV Dinner Parties a stress-free affair.

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