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Scottish Food for Disney’s “Brave”


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Celebrate the premiere of Disney/Pixar's Brave with our best Scottish and British Recipes.

Disney’s newest animated feature Brave chronicles the life of a Scottish young archer with flowing red hair named Merida. We know we want to see it, but the question is: What should we serve at our pre-Brave movie dinner?

When I think Scottish food, I think haggis. This national dish of Scotland is a savory pudding consisting of sheep’s pluck  (liver and heart and lungs — oh my) combined with onions, oatmeal, spices, herbs and stock, all encased in an animal’s stomach. Don’t forget to serve with “neeps and tatties” – that’s potatoes and turnips to you non-Scottish speakers.

Hungry yet? Or craving for something more…appetizing?

We’ve got the best (and yummiest) Scottish and British recipes to help you catch the Scottish spirit.

Brave Feast

The DunBroch family devours a Scottish feast in Brave. Join them!

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