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Do You Know The ‘Double or Muffin’ Man?


What’s the valedictorian of an Ivy League school to do when working in finance right out of college wasn’t everything he thought it would be? Open a pop-up muffin shop, naturally. That’s exactly what Ben Gifford, who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010, did when he started his muffin business, Double or Muffin, in San Francisco a few months ago. Double or Muffin, however, is not your average pop-up shop. After customers purchase a muffin (they only cost a dollar!), they get to flip a coin. Heads: you get another muffin of your choosing for free. Tails: you keep the muffin you already have. Hence, double or muffin. Find out what goes into running a prosperous bakery, and get one of Ben’s top muffin recipes after the jump. 

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