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Blame DrawSomething

Best of DrawSomething Food Pictures

A confession of our obsessions:

  • Food
  • Our phones
  • DrawSomething
  • Drawing food pictures on our phones

We’ll admit it: We’re guilty of staring at our tiny phone screens and sketching a potato for a total stranger who may or may not be in Kansas or wearing pants.

Blame DrawSomething.

For the not-yet-obsessed, DrawSomething is a Pictionary-esque app that lets users (either random strangers or actual friends if you have them) swap sketches and guess the object. Sure, sometimes you’re trying to draw Tupac or a unicycle, but often a foodie-word comes up and those are the best to guess.

So we hunted and gathered the most delightful examples of food digital-doodles. Warning: this might get you addicted to DrawSomething. Or give you hamburger cravings.

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