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Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Would Look Good as a Mom

Nadia G Rock This Look Parenthood

Some seriously bad fashions are associated with being a parent: think mom jeans, Baby Bjorns and wearing whatever you just fed your kids. We might not be parents, but it doesn’t take much more than a night of babysitting to understand the woes of unexpected spitup or kids that have gotten ahold of our makeup (RIP, M.A.C Red lipstick). Let Nadia G. and the color purple inspire you to reclaim your style and become an all-out “momshell.” Get it?

With kids around, the usual hair concern is that it’s out of tugging reach. And since there’s no time for fancy updo’s, check out these tutorials for getting adorable braids like the ones Nads is rockin’. Bonus: they totally make you look younger (that’s something moms worry about, right?).

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Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Decks Out for the Holidays

Rock This LookThis Christmas, Nadia G. is breaking all the fashion rules! She ditches that itchy holiday sweater with skiing snowmen for something a little more form-fitting! From a shiny red catsuit to a festive dress with a bejeweled bunny, the G-Star shows that holiday wear doesn’t have to be boring!

Green Manoush Dress
A little bit Alice in Wonderland and a lot bit glam, this dress has everything you could ask for: jewels, crowns and a bunny — because no dress is complete without a bunny … made of diamonds!

Femme Jolie Bodysuit
You might want to put that cookie down if you plan to rock this vinyl catsuit! Okay, so that’s a little harsh but, really, vinyl isn’t most people’s friend. Rock a catsuit the easy way with this totally flattering version.

Dolce & Gabanna Gold Shoes
These pumps scream superstar. They’re luxe-looking but the heels, compared to the Louboutins that Nadia usually rocks, are down-right doable! Unfortunately, these shoes are so awesome they’re sold out pretty much everywhere, but you can rock the look for less with these babies.

During holiday season you’ve usually got a tree full of shiny ornaments and lights to compete with, so don’t shy away from rockin’ your own sparkly accessories. A fistful of silver rings capped off by this regal-inspired crystal ring will give that little sapling a run for its money! Here’s a less pricey version.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s ’50s Style

Rock This Look

In the ’50s, you had the choice between looking sharp and looking square. Women rocked swing dresses or pencil skirts and acted totally proper (never opting for Uggs over heels). And while we won’t be switching up our leopard print for soft pastels anytime soon, we wouldn’t mind adopting the end-of-day drinking tradition…

Re-creating Nadia’s flawless face for a night of back-seat bingo is easy. “Nylon” M.A.C eye shadow for your lids and “Embark” and “Carbon” M.A.C eye shadows for your crease create one out-of-this-world look. Then, “Dolly Mix” M.A.C blush & “Golden” M.A.C bronzer, G’s go-to products, will have all the daddy-os taking a second peek.

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Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Looks Amazing Even When Feeling Lazy

Rock This Look: Nadia G's Lazy Day Dishes

There are several degrees of feeling lazy. At the lowest, there’s not wanting to take out the trash. At its highest, there’s being unmotivated to nuke a microwave dinner. It’s okay to spend a day on your couch every now and then, but slip on a pair of Uggs and you’ve lost our support. Take a cue from Nadia, get up and get dressed! There’s an easy way to look amazing, and it never involves sweats or pyjamas.

When you’re feeling lazy, lifting your arms above your head long enough to lather, rinse and repeat can feel exhausting. And don’t get us started on how much motivation it takes to heat up the curling iron! A simple slicked-back bun is stylish but easier than many other up-dos. We know you hear the call of the baseball cap, but we promise you won’t be avoiding your mirrors for the rest of the day if you just find an elastic and get your hair out of your face. Some lazy days still require you to leave the house, and this bun is work-to-grocery-store appropriate.

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Rock This Look: Nadia’s Halloween Special

Rock This Look: Bitchin' Halloween Special

It was a dark and stormy night, and you could swear you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. Was it the ghost of dinners past, a zombie gnawing on your leftovers or — gasp! — a horrible DIY costume from last year that just won’t die?! Look, Halloween is just about the only time you’re “allowed” to pass off a bed sheet for an outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Sure, costumes are fun, but if you’re going to have a sophisticated celebration this year, take some cues from Nadia G’s Halloween Special attire, then break out that badass Iron Man suit when the sun goes down.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Office Wear

Nadia G. is back in da house! Well, she’s actually back at the office to bring some life to your Office Lunches. But that doesn’t mean a pantsuit is gonna fly! You know it wouldn’t be Nadia G. without a little multicolored print and a lot of punchy pumps. In Office Lunches, we’re going for statement pieces, pulled together with some soft waves and makeup, making for a freakin’ sweet outfit.

When you tell your boss that there’s no way you’re staying overtime, you’re going to have to give some serious puppy dog eyes, bro. A good start is some flattering eyeshadow, and these M.A.C colors, “Brun” and “Shroom” work a double shift because they’re perfect for day and can be rocked out for night.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Pin-up Style

Nadia G. Geezer Grub

So you’re old. Big deal. Doesn’t mean you need to reach for the girdle, stockings or cat-hair housecoat just yet. This week’s “Geezer Grub” episode of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen celebrates growing old, or at least making the most out of it. Take our advice and you’ll be looking sharp, even if death is knocking at your door. Borrowing from ’40s and ’50s retro pin-up style, Nadia G. rocks a fun look sure to keep you young at heart, or at the very least, remind you of the good old days.

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