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6 Fake-Out Takeout Recipes That Are Faster Than Delivery

When your closest relationship is with the food-delivery guy, it may be time to reevaluate your meal habits. Though there’s an undeniable appeal to delivery food, there are also the matters of cost and questionable ingredients.

To solve both of these problems, we’ve gathered six homemade renditions of your favorite delivery food, from sesame chicken to fully stuffed burritos. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you after you chow down on these dishes.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

Haylie Duff adds bacon to the traditional Thai fried-rice dish for a punch of smoky flavor. Serving it in a pineapple is much better than presenting it in a white takeout container, too.

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6 Thrilling Fillings for Ravioli ‘Round the World

Sometimes “all thriller, no filler” shouldn’t be your mantra in life, and that’s if and only if you’re talking about ravioli. You can’t go wrong with pasta stuffed with delicious cheese and other fillings, whether it’s the traditional ricotta and meat or a carb-on-carb explosion like pierogi.

In celebration of the return of My Grandmother’s Ravioli on July 29 at 8pm ET, we’re going ’round the world with six versions of “ravioli,” from the Italian classic to Japanese gyoza to apple dumplings for dessert. Get ready for your taste buds to jet to many flavorful destinations — all without leaving your kitchen.

The Classic Cheese Ravioli

The ultimate Italian comfort food is pillowy cheese ravioli filled with creamy ricotta and topped with homemade marinara sauce. You can’t beat this classic.

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Party in Five: DIY Dim Sum Party

We here at Cooking Channel love a good party. But throwing a memorable event requires more than just gathering some food and drinks. We show you how, with just five main “ingredients” (including recipes, big-impact decorating ideas and easy DIY elements), you can throw a party that feels like it has a cohesive theme — minimal work required.

Dinner parties can be a lot of work, but when you invite guests to get involved with the preparation of the meal, you can significantly reduce your party prep time (and stress). I recently hosted a Dim Sum party and welcomed a few friends into the kitchen to learn how to make Chinese dumplings. The interactive entree was the perfect focal point of a festive dinner full of modern, eye-catching Asian-inspired details. And since guests spent the evening socializing in the kitchen, I didn’t have to miss out on a single moment.

To host your own Dim Sum party, you’ll need five essential ingredients:

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DIY Asian Dumplings

Pork and Cabbage Dumplings Steamed dumplings make a great at-home dim sum treat.

Dumpling making is the perfect project for a Chinese New Year celebration, a Valentine’s Day dinner-for-two or any ho-hum weekend at home. Rolling the wrappers, mixing up fillings and all that folding, crimping and shaping can be the ultimate social activity – it’s surprisingly easy and even misshapen mistakes make good eats.

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