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Easter Candy from the Edge

This weekend, it doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, because a common devotion unites us all: candy.

Your baskets may floweth over with the usual sugary suspects, but we figured that — as two girls who soaked a Peep in absinthe then set it on fire for our cocktail video series — we owe it to you to bring you the weirdest holiday confections we could find, like the Minecraft Peeps above. Behold zombie bunnies, gilded edible Jesuses, Peeps behaving badly and matzah houses so boggling, you’ll wonder why they weren’t condemned. 

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Sifted: Peeps Edition

"A Peep of Thrones" by The Epi-Log

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Peeps take on a comical dark side in theA Peep of Thrones.” No offense to the HBO original Game of Thrones, but we prefer The Epi-Log’s peeptacular rendition.
  2. Inside the Marshmallow-Chick Factory: It only takes 6 minutes to create the beady-eyed Easter icons, start to finish. “But for such an innocent, marshmallow-and-sugar pastel candy, the Peep is surprisingly polarizing.” — NYT Magazine
  3. Peeps and crushed Easter candy turns white chocolate into a no-fuss Easter bark recipe. We love the pretty pastels.
  4. Not a fan of the sugary mallows? These recipes for rocky road blondies and lemon meringue tarts might change your mind.
  5. It doesn’t get much easier (or as tasty) than Easter fondue. Peeps pair perfectly.

Still peepin’ out?  Take a peek at all our Peeps Dessert Recipes, including Alie & Georgia’s Peepin’ It Real Cocktail!

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Peep-Tacular Easter Desserts

Peep Blondie Slice

Rocky Peep Blondies

It’s Peep season! I can’t say I’m usually a fan of these pure-sugar Easter staples, but they’re so darn cute I always end up with a box or six. This year, instead of waiting till they take on ceramic-like qualities, I’m determined to actually consume them. So how do you make these adorable, sugar-coated fluffballs taste delicious? Burnish ‘em — here are two ways to do it.

Rocky Peep Blondies (pictured above)
Chocolate, marshmallows, peanuts — they go together so well in Rocky Road ice cream, so why not bring Peeps into the mix? Mix a half-cup each of pastel-coated chocolate candies and roasted, salted peanuts into your favorite blondie recipe.

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