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Five-Spice Green Beans

Five-Spice Green Beans Recipe

Cooking up Asian-themed recipes is a staple in our kitchen. There hardly goes a day when we don’t have a meal that has some type of Asian-inspired flavors and spices. These dishes are second nature to us; from the techniques to the ingredients, it all comes rather easy to us.

Unfortunately, we have friends who are so intimidated by Asian recipes that they would rather go out to eat than to even try cooking. Perhaps it’s the thought of exotic spices and ingredients that keeps them from whipping up even the simplest recipes. But it’s definitely understandable when there are recipes that require a long list of unfamiliar ingredients, spices and cooking tools.

One of our goals is to always create Asian recipes for the novice cook. Starting from a simple recipe, the cook can continue to be encouraged to pursue the more extensive Asian recipes. All it takes is some quality five-spice powder to make a simple green bean dish Asian-inspired.

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