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Eden Eats’ Eden Grinshpan Answers Your Questions

Eden Eats

We gave Cooking Channel’s Facebook friends the chance to ask Eden Grinshpan, the host of Eden Eats, anything they wanted. Here are 10 of her responses:

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve tasted so far?
I would have to say the peanut butter soup and the plantain fufu we had in our Nashville episode. It was so tasty but the texture of the fufu was one that I have never experienced before. The fufu was so smooth and doughy. They mash it so much that you are not even supposed to chew it, just swallow. Crazy cool!

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Ask a Question to Eden of Eden Eats

Eden Eats

Head over to our Facebook page now and post a question for Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats.

Eden has already uncovered the hidden global food scene in Nashville and Tampa. Tomorrow night at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel, she will spend 24 hours in the diverse desert city of Phoenix to taste her way around the world and meet the people who have recreated their culture through food.

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Uncover America’s Hidden Global Food Gems with Eden Eats

Eden Eats

Here’s why you should watch Eden Eats on Fridays at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel:

After graduating culinary school, Eden Grinshpan traveled the world, tasted amazing dishes and met the people who recreate their culture and customs through food. Back in the U.S., she realized she could still eat her way around the globe with no need for a passport. On Eden Eats, she’ll land in a different city for 24 hours each week to dig into the underexposed global culinary scene. Her world tour kicks off tonight at 10pm ET. Watch it and find out the best places in Nashville to taste Thai, Somalian, Bosninan, Irish, Ghanaian and Kurdish food. Check out our sneak peek off her trip and marvel at how much one woman can consume in a single day.

Eden Eats premieres at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel.

Cooking Channel’s Summer Eats Tour Pulls Into Philly

There’s really no polite way to eat a good cheesesteak. Piled high with beef, peppers and cheese, you’ve got to grab hold and just go for it—which is exactly what happy patrons did at Cooking Channel’s latest (and last) Summer Eats event at Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market.

Parked on benches in the back of the mega food market, party-goers had two things on the brain: steaks and cakes, in the form of Bobby Flay’s tender strip loin drenched in a creamy Provolone sauce (watch out, Geno’s and Pat’s!), as well as Chuck Hughes’ dense red velvet cupcakes topped with lemon-laced mascarpone frosting.

As the subdued mix of families, couples and 20-somethings noshed the hours away—other eats included fish tacos, potato salad and watermelon-feta salad—Cooking Channel hosts G. Garvin and Eden Grinshpan showed up to talk shop while Brooklyn-based band Carousel added catchy synth-pop sounds to it all.

Washed down with Food Network’s entwine wines and a variety of (free-flowing) local micro-brews, the event felt like a vibrant indoor family picnic—that is, if your family had the sway to take over a landmark after-hours and string it with lights, glossy flat-screen TVs, a digital photo booth and lots of fun freebies like neon sunglasses and logo T-shirts. Talk about celebrating the channel’s second birthday with a bang!

Check out photos after the jump to see the event and ogle the eats:

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10 Things to Know About Eden Grinshpan

Eden Grinshpan

Meet Eden. She’s the host of Cooking Channel’s new series Eden Eats (premiering August 17th). Join her each episode as she spends 24 hours in one city, searching for authentic international cuisine and global food experiences, all without leaving the United States. She’s on a mission to prove you don’t need a passport to taste the world.

To get primed for the premiere, we caught up with the host and asked her to share details about her own foodie experiences. Here are 10 facts to know about Eden.

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Eden Eats Her Way Through Austin, and Around the World

Eden Grinshpan from Cooking Channel's Eden Eats

This hungry traveler is eating her way through U.S. cities and exploring their international restaurant scenes.

Ever wish you could travel the world, feeding your appetite for international cuisine one country at a time? After graduating culinary school, Eden Grinshpan spent seven years exploring the globe, eating her way across the map. We know — we’re jealous, too.

Once back stateside, Eden longed for the varied flavors and rich stories she consumed while traveling. But she soon realized she didn’t need a passport, because a world’s worth of flavors are in her — and your — backyard. They don’t call it the “melting pot” for nothin’.

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