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VOTE! (For Your Favorite Recipes)

vote for your favorite recipes

Voting is an important right, so we encourage you to exercise it today.  After you let the country know your opinions at the polls, please let us know how you feel about our website. We care what you think. While you may be disappointed with the results of today’s presidential election, every single rating and review you place on the site is counted for everyone to view.  Sign up as a member of Cooking Channel to rate and review our recipes, share your own, and save your favorites.

Thanks, and may democracy endure.

Pizza to Change the Course of Election

photo by Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press
In this contentious, and never-ending, election season, who would have guessed that pizza would become such a major player? First there was Pizza Hut and their attempt to photo bomb the second debate, and now there is this piece of news coming out of the Buckeye State: the Ohio Republican Party filed an election complaint alleging that an Obama organization has been trading votes for pizza! This argument is set to become as heated as anchovies versus no anchovies.

What crazy stuff have you done for a slice of delicious ‘za? Be honest. You are among friends.