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How to Burn Calories Without Even Trying

The holidays can be stressful enough without adding the burden of trying to lose weight. But if you know you’re going to want to whip yourself into shape come January, you can at least help yourself out by not putting on any new pounds during the holiday season. While that may seem like a tall order, you might already be doing more than you think. A lot of everyday activities help boost your calorie burn. See how much you can burn without even trying:

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7 No-Sweat Ways to Burn Calories

I quit my gym membership several months ago when I realized it was actually preventing me from doing more of the activities I truly enjoy—hiking, biking and walking outside, practicing yoga, jumping up and down. But even many of the day-to-day activities we don’t really think of as exercise can torch calories.

If one of your resolutions (remember those?) was to boost your activity in the New Year, think beyond the gym. These seven activities can help you burn 100 calories without (really) trying:

Shovel snow (15 minutes): Clear your own driveway and get buff arms in the process.

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