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5 Sweet Treats for National Strawberry Shortcake Day

On June 14th, raise a pint — of strawberries, that is — to National Strawberry Shortcake Day. The classic combination of biscuits, strawberries and cream never fails to please a crowd, but we’re fêting the all-American dessert with five delightful recipes that call for a twist.

Don’t have time to bake biscuits from scratch? Kelsey’s Grilled Strawberry Shortcake with Lemon Cream (pictured above) swaps in thick-cut, store-bought pound cake. Give the slices a quick char on the grill and load them up with glazed strawberries and tart pastry cream to form one mouthwatering dessert sandwich.

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10 Gooey Buns for National Sticky Bun Day

Yes, National Sticky Bun Day is real, and yes, it’s clearly one of the finest gastronomic holidays ever created. Can you think of a better reason to celebrate the very random date of February 21st during the dead of winter? That said, it’s time to break out those oven mitts and pay tribute to the stickiest day of the year with this glazed and gooey roundup of recipes from Cooking Channel and bun-loving bloggers around the web.

1. Blackberry-Hazelnut Sticky Buns (above) — Coming soon to a breakfast nook near you: Muscovado sugar-glazed, blackberry-dotted buns that are so sweet you’ll want to sing old-timey folk songs about them from the nearest mountaintop.

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Happy National Pecan Cookie Day!

National Pecan Cookie Day Zac Young's Cranberry Pecan Oat Cookie Recipe

Happy National Pecan Cookie Day! We’re celebrating the way we celebrate most every holiday: with boozy baked goods. Zac Young’s Cranberry Pecan Oat Cookies with Bourbon Glaze might not be your traditional pecan cookie, but we think it’s the pecan’s toasty flavor + crunchy texture that’s the key to these delicious chewy cookies. These would pair well with a tall glass of cold milk, or for that matter, our Cereal Milk Cocktail.

Don’t worry if you were craving something a bit more traditional: we’ve got you covered there, too.

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Happy National Waffle Day

Corn Waffles with Blueberry Syrup

Today is National Waffle Day, and what better way to celebrate than firing up the ol’ iron, getting out the syrup and serving up a plate full of the breakfast favorite? And even though the breakfast hour has long passed, you can still join in the fun at dinnertime. Breakfast for dinner is our favorite meal of the day.

Five Favorite Waffle Recipes:

Corn Waffles With Blueberry Syrup (pictured above)

Though this recipe is a little labor intensive, the results are worth the effort. In addition to keeping them from being too sweet, the cornmeal also adds nice texture to the waffles. Blueberries in the sauce are a nice finishing touch.

Get the Recipe: Corn Waffles With Blueberry Syrup

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5 Ways to Drink Tequila (Beyond the Margarita)

Here at Cooking Channel, we love us some tequila. Not just because this blue-agave-born liquor is the star of the margarita — arguably our favorite cocktail — but because the sweet, woodsy or smoky spirit (depending on distillery and age) adds its fire to pretty much any mixed drink. This National Tequila Day, salt your margarita glass rims for a different sort of sipper (it’s the Mexican vessel of choice for any tequila-based beverage).

5 Ways to Get Your Tequila On:

1. Follow Chuck’s lead and turn those lemons into a minty-fresh spiked lemonade (shown above).

2. Mix up a two-tone sangria with a pineapple-tequila base and a red wine topper.

This sangria's twice as nice (though you may not think so tomorrow)

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Happy National Cheese Ball Day!

cheese ball
Of all the food holidays, National Cheese Ball Day is my favorite. Cheese balls are the most festive and versatile of foods in the cheese category; they’re customizable, like a grilled cheese sandwich or cheesy dip, but also malleable. Can you turn your sandwich into a feathery bird that will stand up on tiny feet? No, you cannot.

To make a cheese ball, you don’t really need any special equipment nor any fancy cooking skills. You can use a stand mixer to blend everything together, but you can also mash it all up in a bowl using a spatula.

Here are a few of my favorite cheese ball creations:

Spring Chick Cheese Ball: This base for this cheese ball is made from the classic blend of cream cheese, cheddar, shallots, mustard and Worcestershire. It’s shaped into a stout baby chick and rolled in shredded cheese “feathers.”

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It’s National Onion Ring Day!

classic onion rings

Chuck Hughes' Classic Onion Rings

It’s National Onion Ring Day!  How should you celebrate a day dedicated to the delicious crispy rings? Whip up your own batch of boardwalk-style, batter-coated beauties!

We love Chuck Hughes’ Classic Onion Rings (shown above) which calls for soda water in the batter. The bubbles in the soda water leave tiny air spaces in the batter, giving it a light and crisp texture; your rings won’t be heavy and laden with oil. Tyler’s Tempura Battered Onion Rings have a similar light-as-air texture, thanks to rice flour — which is finer than all-purpose flour — and beer in the batter, which, like the soda water, lightens the batter with the same air bubbles.

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Craving: Chocolate Cake

Rachel Allen's chocolate cake is the perfect way to celebrate my new favorite holiday.

Did you know that there’s a designated food holiday nearly every single day of the year? Some are a little “out there”—does anyone actually celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day? It’s March 5, if you’re interested. But today’s holiday is one we can wholeheartedly get behind: National Chocolate Cake Day.

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