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This 8,000-Calorie Breakfast Requires a Signed Release Form

HibernatorBreakfast. The most important meal of the day. The one time of day you are encouraged to eat bacon and eggs with absolutely no guilt. That’s because a couple of eggs and a few strips of bacon clock in at, what, 400 calories? What if your favorite breakfast goodies tipped the scale at a massive 8,000 calories? There might be some guilt involved, in that case.

Bear Grills in Cheshire, England just started serving up something called the Hibernator. It’s a whopping 8,000 calories of breakfast item goodness. What’s in this beast? Eight pieces of bacon and eight sausages, four hash browns, four pieces of toast, four potato waffles, four slices of fried bread a four-egg cheese omelette, beans, fries and, for health purposes, tomatoes and mushrooms. Just in case you aren’t satisfied by the spread laid out in front of you, it also comes with a giant milkshake. Cool! 

The breakfast is so huge, as a matter of fact, that the restaurant’s owner has begun forcing people to sign a release form if they want to get their swine on. The meal costs around $25 but if you hate yourself enough to finish the whole thing, you get it for free.


Belgian City to Create Massive Beer Pipeline

Beer pipeline

Sure, transporting beer to and fro using a truck has worked just fine for the past hundred years or so, but it’s 2014 and humanity demands a more efficient way to get at their hops. Belgium may have just cracked the code: They’ve begun jettisoning their beer underground.

The citizens of Bruges, Belgium, have just approved an underground pipeline that will stretch for miles, transporting beer from breweries to bottling plants. All told, the pipeline will ship 6,000 liters per hour. If only somebody would adapt this plan for pizza.

As of this writing, however, the city has no contingency plan in place for beer-swilling moles or drunken revelers with jackhammers.

Forget Cat Cafes, Japan Gets Some Reptile Cafes

Hanging out with a bunch of cats as you drink coffee and chomp grub is pretty cool. Hanging out with a bunch of slimy reptiles as you do the same thing could also be pretty cool. It’s too bad nobody in this grand world of ours ever had the foresight to create such an establishment. That is, until now.

Japan, birthplace of just about every cool trend ever, has just unveiled the Yokohama Subtropic Teahouse. This eatery is home to coffee, sandwiches and, of course, fearsome snakes and lizards. The creatures rest in cages, but it is encouraged that you pick them up and play with them, because who wouldn’t want to cuddle a boa constrictor while sipping a latte?

There is one caveat, however. If you are handling the reptiles, you had better give your hands a thorough washing before sitting down to eat. Reptiles are common carriers of salmonella.

This Gigantic Corn Dog is $25 and Stuffed With Bacon and Cheese

Ballpark food has come a long way since the days of dusty hot dogs and radioactive nacho cheese. It seems just about every club has some fancy offerings on tap nowadays. But only Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, can lay claim to this gigantic and expensive corn dog.

The D-Bat Dog is 18 inches of corn-dog goodness. It’s not just a corn dog. That would be boring. No, this monstrosity is filled to the brim with both bacon and cheese (Sorry, doctors.). It arrives atop a pile of fries because, well, why not?

Of course, all of this corn and pork comes at a price. That price is somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen regular corn dogs: Diamondbacks fans can look forward to paying $25.

This Seven-Course Pizza Features Appetizers, Mains and Dessert

It’s often been said that pizza is a whole meal unto itself. After all, if you down three or four slices as you marathon episodes of Law and Order on Netflix, you aren’t exactly looking for soup or ice cream afterwards. One restaurant, however, has taken the notion of “pizza as meal” and taken it to the extreme.

A restaurant in Lebanon called Al Sanior has a menu item called The Patriot. This gigantic pizza is a full seven-course meal all by itself. That doesn’t mean you’d just eat enough to comprise a seven-course meal, rather it’s a pizza cut into seven sections, each one a different course. There’s a series of appetizer courses, featuring spiced breads and fermented yogurt. There’s several entree courses, including pepperoni and cheese; ground beef; and sheep milk cheese and olive oil. Finally, there’s a dessert course that includes a chocolate and mozzarella creation that sounds decadently strange.

All told, The Patriot can feed up to 20 people. How much does all of this pizza splendor cost? Around 15,000 Lebanese pounds, or 10 bucks.

It’s Finally Happening: America Will Get a Cat Cafe

The rest of the world is filled to the whiskers with cat cafes. These cafes are similar to your garden variety coffee shop, except they have tons of awesome cats wandering around. America, however, has had to sit and admire these eateries from the sidelines, hugging a stuffed cat and pretending it was real.

No longer! San Francisco is making like the Statue of Liberty (if she were a cat) and prepping to open the country’s first feline cafe. It’s called KitTea (get it?) and the owners say it will be “part ‘gourmet tea house’ and part ‘cat and human oasis.'” As such, it will offer exotic teas from around the world and exotic cats from around the neighborhood.

The cafe isn’t open yet, but is planning to launch sometime this spring. Maybe they’ll get a cat to tear thru the ‘grand opening’ ribbon with its claws.

This Pricey Swamp Pizza Contains Frog Legs, Pork and Python

When you think hard and long about your least favorite pizza toppings, what comes to mind? For most people it’s probably a combination of anchovies, pineapple and some kind of bizarre anchovy-pineapple hybrid beast.  Those people might change their minds if they knew that there is now a pizza with frog and snake as toppings.

It’s true. A pizzeria in Fort Myers, Florida, called Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza has just unleashed their ‘Everglades Pizza’ which counts frog legs, pork and pythons as its toppings. Oh yeah. That’s not all. The pizza also has something called swamp cabbage as a topping. Swamp. Cabbage.

How much would all of this cheesy, reptilian goodness set you back? A whopping $45. Maybe that’s why the restaurant has only managed to sell 150 of these pies. Or maybe it’s the swamp cabbage.

Japan Opens a Store That Only Sells Kit Kat Bars

There are a few American products that, for whatever reason, are even more popular in other countries. Try to get some KFC chicken in Japan on or around Christmas, for instance. It’s like trying to get a Cronut. Another product that is infamously popular in Japan is the Kit Kat bar. The country has been known to create multitudes of bizarre flavors to satiate demands. Now they’ve finally opened a store to sell them all.

Tokyo is playing house to the world’s first Kit Kat store, which opened on January 17th. The Kit Kat Chocolatory, as it is called, sells all manner of Kit Kats and is home to all kinds of seasonal and ‘grown-up’ flavors. Renowned pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai is tasked with coming up with these flavors, and so far he’s concocted “Sublime Bitter,” “Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea,” and “Special Chili.” Of course, more are on the way.

For now, this is world’s only Kit Kat store, so if you want to taste the mystical combination of chocolate, wafer and, uh, green tea you will have to head to Tokyo.

Here is the Crogel, The World’s First Croissant and Bagel Hybrid

First there was the croissant and everyone was pretty happy. Next came the donut and people remained relatively happy. Finally, the Cronut combined both of these pastries and people got, well, hysterical. Where does society go from here? What can possibly top a half-croissant/half-donut mega-food? Well, the world’s first croissant and bagel hybrid is certainly gonna try.

Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard’s has just unleashed the Crogel on an unsuspecting world. As the name suggests, the Crogel is the Cronut without the ‘nut’ and with a healthy dose of the ‘gel.” These morning delicacies feature everything you’ve come to expect from an awesome bagel, with the delicate layering of a croissant.

The Crogel is only available in Connecticut for now, but other breakfast-based entrepreneurs will no doubt catch wind of the idea and bring them to other locations shortly. Now, when will someone invent the Craffle?

The Turducken Burger

There is just something special that happens when meats join up with other meats to create a multi-meat food item. Is there anything more magical than the bacon-wrapped shrimp or meatloaf stuffed with another kind of meatloaf? The leader of these animal amalgams is no doubt the turducken. Don’t look now, because now this turkey-duck-chicken hybrid comes on a burger.

California burger chain Slater’s 50/50, who are no stranger to this blog, are back with the Turducken Burger. This multi-meat monstrosity contains a chicken and turkey patty and, of course, a duck egg. Also, just in case your heart hasn’t popped yet, the meat rests on a bed of sweet potato fries and is covered by a massive glob of bacon-infused country gravy.

Slater’s has also prepped something they are calling Supreme Pizza Poutine Fries. As the name suggests, these are poutine fries mixed with the unmistakable brilliance of pizza. Essentially, these are fries smothered in a thick sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, fried pepperoni, black olives, bell peppers and sautéed mushrooms.