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World’s Hottest Pepper Grown in South Carolina

For some people, hot peppers are a good option for giving their grub a decent kick. For others, however, it’s a way of life. These pepper chasers are constantly on the hunt for the most painful peps they can stuff in their mouths. Well guys, you may have met your match. Ed Currie of PuckerButt […]

Scientists Can Now Send Text Messages Using Vodka

Text messages. You can’t live with ‘em. You can’t live without ‘em. Well, maybe only the latter is true. Living without good satellite coverage is certainly difficult. However will you find out if someone thought that cat picture you sent was lol-worthy or not? Don’t worry. Scientists have long searched for a new way to […]

McDonald’s Japan Announces Bizarre ‘American Vintage’ Menu

Americans are occasionally suggested to be loud, boorish and, well, just plain gluttonous. McDonald’s Japan has just announced a rather strange new menu that plays with that notion of American gluttony, which is odd considering McDonald’s America had a McHand in creating it. The menu is called American Vintage and comes in three varieties, each […]

Forget Salt — Milwaukee Begins Using Cheese to Thaw Roads

Are you knee deep in the middle of what experts call a wintry mix? Are your roads more slippery than an eel covered in petroleum jelly? Before you break out the course salt, take a gander at what city officials have been doing in Milwaukee in order to keep roads safe from slippage. The city […]

KFC Arabia Now Puts Jalapeno Poppers On Everything

Once there was a time when the idea of a deep-fried jalapeño stuffed with cheese was a novel concept. However, a lot has happened in the world since the early 1990s. We have the Internet now, and Cronuts. The poor jalapeño popper has been left in the cold. One fast food chain in one section […]

Hangover Taxi Offers Travel, Juice and Soup

Tis the season to stay out all night drinking with friends. After all, there may or may not be work in the morning. If you, however, find yourself needing to get somewhere while your hangover hangs over you like a cartoon anvil, there is now a way. Introducing the hangover taxi. The service is called […]

This New Zealand Cafe Uses High Speed Tubes Instead of a Waitstaff

First video killed the radio star. Then the Internet killed the video star. That’s just how it goes when technology keeps advancing at a rapid clip. Well, waiters and waitresses had better look out because, if the future has its way, they’ll be replaced by a series of high speed tubes. New Zealand based C1 […]

This Michigan Restaurant Hired an Alligator as a Greeter

When we think of alligators, we tend to imagine scenarios in which they skulk inside our houses at night and steal away with our children. We don’t, however, picture them making a decent living as a restaurant greeter. Hold on to your (hopefully not) alligator skin wallets. A rambunctious gator named Wally just landed a […]

Domino’s Israel Releases Vegan Pizza Pie

Make your own vegan pizza and show Domino’s up. There is an age old question that goes “is a pizza still a pizza if it doesn’t have cheese?” Opinions on this vary, but to many vegans, having the opportunity to eat something even vaguely pizza-like is a bona fide treat. Many small pizza places have […]

Scientists Finally Invent Cavity-Free Candy

It was a good gig while it lasted, dentists. Your days of numbing our mouths and forcing us to peruse old copies of Highlights magazine are numbered. Why is that, you ask through a full breath of laughing gas? Scientists have invented candy that doesn’t cause cavities. Suck on that! It’s true. Researchers at a […]