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Here’s an Ultra-Gourmet TV Dinner That Costs $500

It used to be that TV dinners were all the rage. Those flat, semi-edible trays of Salisbury steak and weird brownie were in every freezer across this great land of ours. Everyone still noshes in front of a TV. That much hasn’t changed. However, the once ubiquitous TV dinner has fallen by the way side. […]

This French Cafe Charges Double if You Aren’t Polite

Manners are important. Holding doors open for people, saying your pleases and thank yous, refraining from eating your friend’s French fries. These are the hallmarks of a polite society. However, as anyone who has stood in a line can attest to, politeness is not always a given. This French bistro, though, gives one heck of […]

Inventors of Cronut Now Have a Breakfast Cereal

One of the biggest food stories of 2013 has got to be the not-so-humble Cronut. This donut/croissant hybrid took New York City, and the world, by storm. The creator of said über pastry is NYC’s Dominique Ansel Bakery. This bakery is back with another invention, this time tackling the strange world of breakfast cereal. They are […]

Now You Can Have Ice Cream Delivered to Your Door

The signs of winter are everywhere. Fake Christmas trees are making their yearly descent from attics. Men dressed as Santa Claus are making their yearly descent into bottles of peppermint schnapps. Ice cream is, uh, showing up on doorsteps. Wait a minute. Ice cream is showing up on doorsteps? It’s true. An NYC-based company called […]

This Restaurant Has Monkeys on the Waitstaff

They say monkeys are our closest ancestor, so why not put those freeloaders to work? Bananas aren’t free, after all. With that in mind, here is a restaurant that employs monkeys as part of their valued waitstaff. North of Tokyo, in the Japanese city of Utsunomiya, lies a simple sake-house called Kayabukiya Tavern. Sure, they have […]

Burger King Japan Starts Selling Giant Turkey Legs

Sure, the fast food restaurants in Japan may look identical to those found in America, but beneath the familiar colors and bespectacled Southern gentlemen lies a secret. The menus often have oddball items that will never, ever make it across the pond. Burger King Japan is especially guilty of this. BKJ has just unveiled something […]

Microsoft Weirdly Announces Bra That Helps With Stress Eating

Do you find yourself overeating due to the daily stressors of modern life? Are you obsessed with the latest and greatest developments in technology? Are you a woman and don’t mind being pandered to? Microsoft’s new “smartbra” is for you. Microsoft has announced they are creating a bra that is outfitted with physiological sensors that […]

New York City Now Boasts World’s Largest Gingerbread Village

First there was the gingerbread house and it was fine, if your name wasn’t Gretel. Next came the gingerbread cul-de-sac. It offered a decent amount of cookie goodness, but it wasn’t going to feed an entire football team. Now, however, there are entire gingerbread villages, each unique in its own edible splendor. Some of these […]

Now You Can Eat Marshmallows Printed With Instagram Pictures

Instagram. The very word conjures up visions of dogs standing on things and POV shots out of the side of an airplane. Everyone has their favorite Instagram users and their favorite pictures. Now, thanks to the sublime magic of technology, you can put your money where your mouth, uh, will be. A new service allows […]

This Pizza Cutter Uses Lasers to Ensure Accurate Slices

Are you tired of that one “friend” of yours always arranging the pizza so they get the giant slice and you get a pathetic, tiny slice? That’s no way to treat a person. We, the modest yet hungry citizens of the world, demand slice equality for all. To that end, here is a laser-guided pizza […]