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Sifted: Father’s Day Recipes, Perfect Pancakes and Potstickers with a Twist

Two Outrageous Burgers by Giusto Gusto

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Nothing says “I love you, Dad” quite like a manly burger packed with flavor. Giusto Gusto brings out the big guns with Beef & Sausage Burgers with Horseradish Mayo and Turkey Burgers with Sriracha Mayo.
  2. What’s the secret to making delicious blueberry buttermilk pancakes every time? Visit Cooking Classy’s blog and find out!
  3. Make these adorable lawnmower cupcakes by Six in the Suburbs with the little ones this Father’s Day. The sweet treats may even be a subtle reminder of that unruly backyard that needs tending.
  4. It may be too hot for soup, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up it up completely. Iowa Girl Eats took all the greatness of French Onion Soup and transformed it into potstickers for a lighter, more summer-appropriate meal.
  5. Salad doesn’t have to mean green and boring. Some Kitchen Stories made a beautiful and fresh black rice salad with mango that we can’t wait to try.

Craving More?

Use our Summer Grilling Guide to plan your Father’s Day Menu. You’re sure to find a winner in our Top Burger Recipes.

Bonus Click! We can’t get over this idea of weight loss goggles. Goggles that trick you into eating less? Scary or fascinating? Tell us what you think because we can’t decide.


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20,000 Hot Reasons to Consider a Culinary Career

Cooking channel recipes Clayton Chapman

Clayton Chapman in his kitchen. (Photo:

At his restaurant The Grey Plume in Omaha, Nebraska, Clayton Chapman is living his dream. Chapman graduated in 2006 from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago with an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, and is garnering national attention for his inspired food.  He recently picked up a Trailblazing Chefs Award from Cooking Light along with Grant Achatz and Marcus Samuelsson.  Oh – and he’s 25.

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Happy Birthday, Cooking Channel!

birthday cake

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us . . .

It’s our first birthday!
Cooking Channel is one year old — can you believe it? We’ve seen so much in the last 12 months, and yet we’re really just getting started. If we live to be a 100-year-old network, we still wouldn’t get to meet all the amazing, passionate food people out there. There’d still be a million new recipes to try, dishes to taste and things to learn about food and cooking. So we’re as excited about the next 99 years as we are about this last one.

Turning ‘1’ is a pretty big deal, a milestone that should be rewarded with presents, cake and a giant party — wouldn’t you agree? Here’s our ultimate birthday wishlist:

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Hot New Season: Chuck’s Day Off + Tasty Food People

Chuck Hughes, Chuck's Day Off --

Chuck Hughes rebounds after the demise of the Montreal Expos with a new season

Hey Sports Fans! The long wait is over and a brand new season is upon us…  Actually, not baseball but a fresh new season of Chuck’s Day Off with hot new recipes you are going to crave…

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Bonus Cookie, and Winner of the Food Person Cookie Search

Mihaela Pesa Dascalu's Romanian Holiday Cookies are delicious, and will look beautiful on your cookie tray.

12 Days of CookiesCooking Channel is joining Food Network for our first annual cookie swap, 12 Days of Cookies. Each day, visit us here for a look at new holiday cookies, party-planning tips and top techniques for rolling, spooning, slicing, baking and decorating delicious sweet treats to give — or keep — from favorite chefs and Food People. Then visit for great takes on holiday baking from Food Network chefs — cookies by the dozen to celebrate all season.

12 Days of Cookies has been a huge success, thanks in large part to the talented chefs who unveiled their top-tier holiday cookie recipes to us. But also because of you, the Food People, who continually share with us your amazing recipes and tips for delicious, home-cooked recipes.

Last month we put out the call for a *Bonus Fan Cookie*, and received numerous tasty entries. But our pick for chief cookie goes to food blogger Mihaela Pesa Dascalu, and her recipe for Romanian Holiday Cookies.

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Holiday Gift Guide For Food Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers -- State Shaped Cutting Boards
Have a hard-to-shop-for food lover in your life? We’ve polled some of our food lovin’ celeb chefs and Cooking Channel staffers for their top picks for Holiday Gifts….

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Pix Potluck: Mushroom Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup, a timely addition to our Facebook pix potluck

Creamy and earthy, chilly fall evenings call for soups and stews like this Wild Mushroom Soup shared by Nancy on the Cooking Channel Facebook page. Thanks for the delicious-looking photo and the recipe, Nancy!

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Inside the James Beard House

For food people, the James Beard Awards rival the Oscars. We root for our favorite or hometown chefs and seek out the restaurants of award-winners while traveling. Any mention of Mr. Beard’s name in a restaurant review means major culinary clout.

If you identify with the above, you can understand my excitement upon being invited to attend a dinner at the James Beard House—the former residence of the man himself in New York’s West Village.

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Cooking Channel’s Ice Cream Truck: The Tour Continues

food truck

This could be you, standing in line for free ice cream.

Free ice cream! I’m serious too, not just saying that to get your attention. The Cooking Channel ice cream truck has been touring the country all summer just giving ice cream away in places like Boston, Atlantic City and Atlanta. The truck is gearing up for the second leg of its whirlwind tour, and there’s still plenty of time to catch it when it comes to your city, see dates and locations below. And once you’ve had your (free!) ice cream, stick around and chat — we want to know about your passion for food — ice cream and beyond.

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Sifted: Creative Crostata, Port Blueberry Jam, Wino Cows

Cardamom Apricot Pistachio Crostata by Faycat, *The Passionfruit*

Cardamom Apricot Pistachio Crostata by Faycat of *The Passionfruit*

Linkage we’re liking:

* Apricot, Pistachio, Cardamom Crostata Heaven [*The Passionfruit*]
* Blackberry, Blueberry Port Wine Jam — Sip, Savor or Spread? [ShowFood Chef]
* Tipsy, Vino-Loving Cows = Better Steaks??! [The Vancouver Sun]

What are you preserving, jamming or pickling right now?  Share below…

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