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Five Food Fads I Love

Ever noticed how food trends pop up more frequently than shoe trends? Well, not all fads are created equal (hello, Crocs). So check out the top five food trends that I think should definitely be here to stay. Bacon — This fad has beat out all other fads, as far as longevity, social economy and […]

Crackers Jacks Are About to Get Caffeinated

Crackers Jacks are about to get caffeinated.

Scented iPhone Cases? The Future is Now

Bored with Siri and so over Temple Run? Perhaps the time has come to turn your ordinary iPhone from cell phone to smell phone with a scented case. Forget cute chevron patterns or expensive designers. Think Jelly Belly, chocolate, and strawberry crème. Mashable put together a sweet gallery filled with six scented case and skin […]

Evolution of the Smoothie

The smoothie is getting a makeover and ditching the straw in favor of the spoon. Smoothies are best known as “good morning” boosters and post-workout beverages. They’re fun to sip and can be both sweet and nutritious. But the concept of eating a bowl of smoothie for lunch or dinner is a whole new concept […]