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How to Put New Twists on Trendy Food: Poke, Matcha and More

Technology hasn’t advanced enough that you can reach into your phone and grab food from your Instagram feed, so it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Instead of just re-creating versions of trendy dishes and drinks at home, take it a step further with new twists like matcha-infused Green Tea Chiffon Cake (pictured above). Check out three more trendy food ideas below.

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Five Food Fads I Love

Nadia G. and kale

Ever noticed how food trends pop up more frequently than shoe trends? Well, not all fads are created equal (hello, Crocs). So check out the top five food trends that I think should definitely be here to stay.

Bacon — This fad has beat out all other fads, as far as longevity, social economy and lifestyles go. Really, it’s not enough to enjoy a good slice of bacon anymore. You have to bathe in bacon soap, sleep on bacon sheets and punch anyone who defames bacon. I love bacon.

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Crackers Jacks Are About to Get Caffeinated

Remember when America went bacon crazy? For a few years it seemed like you couldn’t open your eyes without seeing the breakfast meat in places it didn’t belong. We may be on the cusp of another wacky food crazy: caffeine.

Caffeine has already extended itself well beyond coffee, showing up in energy drinks, pills and even beef jerky. Now the stimulant’s jittery march toward ubiquity continues with an appearance in a beloved childhood snack. Crackers Jacks are about to get caffeinated.

Frito Lay has announced the pending release of “Cracker Jack’d.” This new line of Cracker Jacks features flavors such as “Kickin’ Back Clusters” and “Power Bites.” Eating a serving of the snack will net you the same amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. You can pre-order them now, for around $11 for six bags. Your salty caffeine fix will get mailed to you sometime after December 22nd. Also, no toy is included, but with all that caffeine who needs one? You’ll be plenty entertained by rapidly refreshing the same webpage over and over again.

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Scented iPhone Cases? The Future is Now

Dylan's Candy Bar iPhone Case

Bored with Siri and so over Temple Run? Perhaps the time has come to turn your ordinary iPhone from cell phone to smell phone with a scented case. Forget cute chevron patterns or expensive designers. Think Jelly Belly, chocolate, and strawberry crème.

Mashable put together a sweet gallery filled with six scented case and skin sellers. As if the idea wasn’t wacky enough, the flavors themselves are pretty out there, too (or perhaps you were on the look-out for a cover that smells like fresh-baked bread).

We’re certainly curious about these fragrant accessories for many reasons. Should you avoid late night calls with the coffee aroma? Would that telemarketer sound more like a sweetie with a Dylan’s Candy Bar Case? Could the black licorice cover polarize friendships? But most of all, do the phones actually smell good?

Tell us how you feel: What flavor do you want to try? Or is this a food fashion that you’re just not into?

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Evolution of the Smoothie

Are smoothie bowls the next big trend?

The smoothie is getting a makeover and ditching the straw in favor of the spoon.

Smoothies are best known as “good morning” boosters and post-workout beverages. They’re fun to sip and can be both sweet and nutritious. But the concept of eating a bowl of smoothie for lunch or dinner is a whole new concept to me.

People are now sitting down to feast on “smoothie bowls,” introduced by Robeks Premium Fruit Smoothies. Bloggers have been on top of this trend for a few years now and embraced the concept, referring to the meal as SIAB (Smoothie in a Bowl). But until Robeks, smoothies haven’t been a reason to dine out.  The chain store thickened their recipe, added toppings and threw a spoon into the mix. And people are loving it.

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