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Eat St.: A New Season of Food Truck Fare

Beginning tonight, April 16, at 8pm ET, food trucks from across the country will park on a television near you for Cooking Channel’s newest season of Eat St. Host James Cunningham makes pit stops across the country to discover some of the best, messiest and most creative eats on wheels for the ultimate street food experience.

And the next stop on the road map is the season four premiere that will take you on a mouth-watering journey of curbside cuisine, from Sizzling Pork Sisig in Phoenix to a tasty order of Mahi Mahi Ceviche in Miami, Florida.

Remember to check out the Eat St. homepage for irresistible recipes from our favorite food trucks.

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Windy City Chomping: Chicago Finally Approves Locations for Food Trucks

Image: Time Out Chicago
Chicagoans may have ready access to the deepest-dished pizzas and the beefiest Italian sandwiches, but they have virtually no access to the food truck. That’s right, these rolling buffets have taken over other big cities but, thanks to various ordinances, have thus far been unable to legally park in Chicago.

Hang on to your hats (because of the wind, sigh). That is all about to change. The city has approved twenty-one locations for legal parking and selling of food. Thank goodness. All of that walking into storefronts was getting tiresome. Here is a map of the approved locations.

Get more of the country’s best curbside eats on our Eat St. location guide.

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NYC Food Trucks vs. Midtown Parking Ban

YouTube Preview Image

From the Mexicue truck in New York City (the “sweet love child of red-hot Mexican cuisine and down-home, barbeque goodness”) to West African fusion dishes at Austin’s Cazamance food trailer, we are loving the culinary creativity that can be found in the food truck scene. And we also love the ability to turn a workday lunch into a food adventure. So when we heard that NYC food trucks were feeling the pinch about parking in Midtown, we needed to investigate further.

It turns out a court ruling this year began enforcing a 1965 law that prohibits vending from metered parking spots. Without the ability to set up shop in areas where hungry fans come out of their offices at lunch time — particularly in densely populated Midtown Manhattan — NYC food trucks are suffering from a sharp decline in business.

But food truck vendors are speaking out, arguing that the trucks are great for New York City, stimulate culinary innovation, draw tourists and energize the streets. The PSA above is the most recent step these small business owners are taking to build up public support to reverse the ban and allow them to serve mobile meals to their avid fans.

If you want to put your name on their cause, visit their Facebook page and sign the petition asking New York City to find other solutions apart from the ban.

Save NYC Food Trucks on Facebook
Save NYC Food Trucks on Twitter
Eat St. Celebrates Food Trucks on Cooking Channel

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What Would Your Food Truck Serve?

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck in Los Angeles

What could be better than a show devoted entirely to finding the best food trucks and carts around the country? That’s the mission of Cooking Channel’s new show Eat St., premiering Tuesday, April 12th, at 8 p.m. ET. From gourmet grilled cheese in Los Angeles to a schnitzel in NYC, we’re highlighting all the hot spots for street food. Tune in to find out where you need to be noshing next.

We want to know: if you were to open a food truck, what would you serve?

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