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What Kind of Fried Chicken Matches Your Personality? 5 Ways to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

In the world of random food holidays, National Fried Chicken Day (July 6) may be one of America’s best. Celebrating the Southern staple should really be an everyday occurrence, especially considering how many different ways you can prepare your poultry.

Even though we’re fans of the classic flour-egg-breadcrumb assembly-line process, today’s the day to be more adventurous. Below, find five of our favorite fried chicken recipes fit for any personality. Find out if you’re more of a classic Southern belle, a fit-and-fabulous food lover, a culinary globetrotter or something else.

The Classic Southern Belle: Fried Chicken in a Basket

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can embrace your inner Southern belle. Big hair is optional when chowing down on Alex Guarnaschelli’s classic buttermilk-brined fried chicken.

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Transform Your Favorite Comfort Foods With 9 Healthy Meal Makeovers

As your daydreams about time on the beach become a reality this summer, so does slimming down to fit into your swimsuit. But just because you want to look good while splashing around, that doesn’t mean you have to eat salads and boiled chicken all summer; in fact, you can still enjoy all of your comfort food favorites with a few easy swaps.

Whether it’s macaroni and cheese with some secret squash filler or devil’s food cupcakes turned angelic with whole-wheat flour, it’s easy to slim down your meals. Check out nine mind-blowing meal transformations below.

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Traditional Fried Chicken Flies the Coop in Favor of the Sweet and Spicy

There are few foods revered for their simplicity and nostalgia-inducing power like crispy, juicy fried chicken. But on Thursday night, 17 prominent New York City-based chefs and restaurants proved that sometimes it pays to shake up an old classic when they served their unique takes on chicken to guests at Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse.

Held on the opening night of this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival, the fourth annual Chicken Coupe (presented by Cooking Channel) was hosted and judged by fried chicken enthusiast Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg had approached festival founder Lee Brian Schrager several years ago about dedicating an entire event to the universally loved dish, and this year, she wrote the foreword to Schrager’s book, Fried & True — so you might say they know a thing or two about anointing a winning bird.

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Confessions of a Culinary Student: How to Get the Crispiest Skin

Curious about cooking? High-pressure culinary school requires a lot of time and money. We asked present and former culinary students for their No. 1 “ah-ha!” moment or takeaway from class so you can benefit from what they learned — without enrolling.

Culinary Student: Jenny Bierman, Culinary Producer, Food Network Kitchens
School: Institute of Culinary Education, 2009

Confession: I love crispy skin on anything. The three things I learned for perfect crisp skin: Dry the skin, salt it well and place it skin-side down in a wicked-hot pan. For chicken, I put a cast-iron skillet on top of it so the all skin is pressed into the pan, making it crisp up fast! For fish, I take the skin off and crisp it up separately over high heat after the fish is cooked and removed. This way the fish doesn’t overcook and the skin gets almost a cracker-like consistency.

(**Psst: Want the above fried chicken recipe? It’s Chuck’s. Get it here.)

For more on the high-pressure ups and downs of culinary school, tune in to The Freshman Class every Monday at 10:30pm ET.

More Cooking Fundamentals

More Confessions of a Culinary Student

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Sifted: Sinfully Delicious Waffle Sandwiches + A Must-Try Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich by The Candid Appetite

5 Hot Links We’re Loving

  1. Just when you thought a fried chicken and waffle sandwich was as crazy genius as it gets, The Candid Appetite makes one with bacon, cheddar and green onion waffles and maple mustard sauce.
  2. Inside BruCrew Life’s cake batter cheesecake brownie has all your sweet tooth cravings covered in one bite.
  3. For an easy elegant dessert, try honey roasted peaches with thyme and sweet ricotta by Food Babbles.
  4. Made in Our Kitchen’s sweet corn fritters with jalapeno and lime make a fresh and delicious summertime meal.
  5. Brown Eyed Baker shares her copy-cat recipe for the famously enormous, perfectly chewy Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies.

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Comfort Feast: Fried Chicken, 5 Ways

Fried Chicken

Winter doldrums got you feeling down? Solution: fried chicken. It may be a year-round comfort food favorite but when winter’s in full swing, nothing can uplift your mood more than a crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside piece of fried chicken. Of course, you might already have your own secret spice mix, favorite dipping sauce or method for frying, but one look at these fried chicken photos below and you just might testing out a new recipe tonight.

1. Fried Chicken (pictured above)
Chuck Hughes rubs chicken drumsticks with a spice mix of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and dry mustard powder. He also adds the spice mix to the flour batter so you get even more flavor. Cook the chicken in oil until the pieces are crispy and brown.

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Sifted: Obama vs. Romney Cook-Off + Better-Than-Packet Oatmeal

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Forget those microwaveable packets; we love Joy the Baker’s brown sugar roasted fig oatmeal.
  2. Obama vs. Romney Cook-off: Barack’s chili or Mitt’s favorite meatloaf cakes? Diets in Review provides culinary insight for your political consideration.
  3. For chocolate cake, skip the flour and coat the pan with cocoa powder instead. Los Angeles Times reveals that it’s not only practical, it tastes better too.
  4. Speaking of chocolate cake, Whisks and Whimsy makes a rich chocolate cake that is completely irresistible.
  5. Craving comfort food? Try Farm + Field’s fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits with jalapeno honey.

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Happy National Fried Chicken Day!

Chuck Hughes' Fried Chicken

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with our best fried chicken tips.

Happy National Fried Chicken Day, ya’ll!

Summer is the best time to celebrate this crispy, crunchy, perfectly salty classic Southern dish.

Get our best fried chicken recipes and tips that’ll make your biscuits and gravy jealous.

5 Tips for Cl**king Perfect Fried Chicken:

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By the Book: Sweet Reads, Right Now

By The Book - James Beard Winners

By The Book - James Beard Winners

My creaking, over-laden bookshelf means I need to be extra-choosey when buying cookbooks.  I always keep an eye on the James Beard Awards (the Oscars of the food world) for future favorites.

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