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Connect Eight: Challenge of a Dutch Snack Automat

Dutch Automat Snack Challenge

With the ladies of its red-light district and its locally brewed Heineken beers — not to mention its famed “coffeehouses” providing another type of high — Amsterdam has been known by many Americans as a mecca of vices. However, when partaking in so many indulgences, an inevitable case of the munchies usually comes, and fortunately the Dutch share that guilty pleasure. Fast food in the Netherlands is a cuisine all of its own, and I’m not just talking about the herring or the frites with mayonnaise (or ketchup or onions) that are quite popular after a night out on the town. Croquettes, sausages and other fried items have often come to aid of the inebriated, or to anyone who simply craves a quick, greasy, salty treat.

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