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Try Meatless Monday with Kelsey’s Garden Vegetable Frittata

garden vegetable frittata

Kelsey Nixon's easy and meat-free vegetable frittata.

Meatless Monday — you’ve probably heard of it by now — is a global movement to go meatless once each week. It’s not a campaign to turn everyone in the world vegetarian or vegan, and those involved do not judge meat-lovers; many involved are meat-lovers. Eating less meat has been proven to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, curb obesity and has important environmental impacts, too. (Read more on You can eat less meat by filling your plate with vegetables and serving yourself just a little bit of meat, or you can give up meat for just one day per week. The latter is easier than it sounds, and you probably already love meatless dishes that you don’t label “vegetarian.” (If you eat cheese pizza for dinner, you’ve just had a meatless meal.)

So check back here every Monday for a different meat-free idea to work into your mealtime rotation. But don’t worry, we don’t expect anyone to live on rabbit food, so we’ll introduce you to satisfying, real food — main and side dishes that are so amazing, you won’t miss the meat.

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