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Two Random Things That Make Me Happy

Nadia G Happiness

I find it very easy to rant about what gets me mad (see my Furious Foods episode). However, this week on BK, I’m switching things up and yappin’ about being happy — like “unicorn and rainbows” happy. Sure, not every day is a shoe-shopping-happy kind of day, but it’s the little things that should keep you from flying off the handles. Check out two things that, without fail, get me grinning:

1) Finding a parking spot, real fast.
It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re driving around for what seems like forever, the difference between finding a parking spot quickly and leaving tire track crop circles is key. Landing that magical spot right in front of the office when you’re running late for a meeting, or in front of your apartment building after a long day, can take a day from “drowning your misery” to “girls’ night out” in a heartbeat. You know what I mean.

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