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Quick & Healthy Breakfasts

The healthiest breakfasts are ones you make yourself with an eye toward fiber, lean protein and healthy fats. This combination keeps you running all morning long. You can get fiber through heart-healthy whole grains and/or fruits or vegetables. Low-fat dairy, eggs and nuts are good sources of protein. For healthy fats, think about avocado, egg [...]

Health Benefits of Red, White and Blue Foods

It’s that time of the year when recipes show up that are patriotically red, white and blue — like this Red, White and Blue Smoothie, which you should definitely make. Showing your stripes in the colors you eat is also good for your health (I’m talking about plant-based foods here — not red, white and [...]

7 Healthy Burger Toppings

I’m going to start this post with a defense of the burger. While they get a bit of a bad rep, hamburgers can actually be pretty healthy. A 3-oz. burger (at least half the size of the burgers most restaurants serve) has a pretty low amount of calories (184), and it’s an excellent source of [...]

Healthy Summer Sides to Bring to a Cookout

When going to a cookout, it’s tempting to bring chips and dip. But the truth is, fruit- and veggie-based side dishes are always welcome at a summer cookout to balance out meat overload. Here are some easy, crowd-friendly recipe ideas. Fruit for the grill: You can make fruit skewers of any sturdy fruit — like [...]

An Easy, Healthy Father’s Day Menu

You love your dad. That’s why you should cook him a Father’s Day menu that’s as healthy as it is delicious. Here’s a Father’s Day menu that takes advantage of fresh summer produce and grilling to add flavor without a ton of extra fat and calories. Start the meal off with a flavor-packed salsa fresca. [...]

How to Build a Power Salad

Not that salads ever go out of style, but the farmers’ markets are currently bursting with greens, making me deem this salad season. While side salads definitely offer a green counterpoint to whatever else you’re eating, they can be standalone meals — if you know what to add. If you’re looking to turn your salad [...]

Foods That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

Some foods just have a healthy halo. But just because a food sounds healthy, doesn’t mean it is. Don’t be duped by these four foods that sound healthy, but aren’t always. Veggie burgers: Even if you’re not a full-time vegetarian, you may sometimes be tempted by veggie burgers, which sound downright virtuous. But if you’re [...]

A Healthy and Delicious Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your mother by treating her to a delicious homemade brunch. And while brunch can sometimes feel like a decadent version of breakfast (several courses! dessert!), there’s no reason brunch can’t also be healthy. For brunch this weekend, plan a menu that’s as good for you as it [...]

Lighten up Your Mexican Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is almost here! Celebrating it at a Mexican restaurant doesn’t have to derail your diet. If Mexican food makes you think of tons of cheese and calories, you need to read this cheater’s guide to a lighter Mexican fiesta. Watch out for: the basket of chips Problem: You arrive at the restaurant [...]

5 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet

5 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet The long days and mild weather are making me crave change. Beyond buying new pillows for my living room (maybe a topic for another kind of blog), I’ve been craving lighter foods. And many of spring’s specialties have added health benefits that make them must-haves on your plate. [...]