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The Best Hotel Bar Cocktails

Cocktails at The Redwood Room, Clift Hotel San Francisco.

Having reviewed thousands of hotels, we at have slept in many different beds, swam in hundreds of pools, and sipped quite a few fantastic hotel bar cocktails. (I mean, we have to review everything, right?)

Some of the most delicious hotel bar cocktails we’ve tried go beyond the gin and tonic — way beyond. Check out five of our favorite cocktails from hotel bars around the world. If you can’t make the trip, make them at home — we got the recipes. Either way, these drinks won’t disappoint.

The Cocktail: Lavender Lemondrop
Found at: Clift San Francisco

Arguably the chicest bar in San Francisco, the Redwood Room exudes a hip feel thanks to the eponymous, tree-lined walls, oversized portraits, and thoroughly classic design. Martinis are this spot’s specialty — especially with the business crowd who frequents the Clift — with flavors ranging from blue cheese to sweet lychee. Redwood Room uses all-natural ingredients, so we recommend you do the same when serving up your own crop of these cocktails.

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