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The Best Hotel Desserts

Best Hotel Desserts

Heaven, thy name is [insert dessert of choice here]. It doesn’t take a genius to know that sweets trump suites any day of the week – but why choose between one or the other? Hotels today are serving up the good stuff, and we here at Oyster have dug into some of the most unique, mouth-watering desserts during our travels. Check out our favorites below!

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Healthy Eats at Luxury Hotels

Healthy Eats at Luxury Hotels

For many, vacation is an indulgent time of busting the budgets and leaving the calorie counter at home. But there are those select travelers who scoff at the rich gourmet fare offered at most luxury hotels. You can see the determination on these guests’ faces: “I will not eat you; I will not I say!” But living up to that declaration is harder than it seems. Sure luxury hotels have more than a few salads on their menus, but you may not  want to live on greens alone. Thankfully chefs are taking up the health challenge with gusto – offering separate menus for vegetarian and vegan diners and shifting their focus from heavy, lavish fare to sustainable, organic and local ingredients – making it possible to stay healthy, but also indulge in a little bit of richness if the desire calls. You are on vacation, after all. Get our top six hotel picks after the jump.

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