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Mother’s Day Brunch: Zaatar Eggs Benedict

Photo: Evan Sung

Growing up, I was very picky about eggs. I liked them scrambled, on the verge of too dry and with salt and pepper only. I don’t know how my parents put up with me. Luckily, I’ve overcome my picky palate and now appreciate the finer things in life: namely, the runny yolk.

My mom and I are big breakfast food fanatics. Every time I go home to visit, we return to our favorite brunch spot in town. Most of the time, she’ll order the eggs Benedict, and I always regret not following her lead. My mom really must love me because when I reach across the table to steal bites from her plate, she pretends not to notice.

Since I’m in New York and she’s in California, we won’t be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together this year. So to honor her in spirit on Sunday, I’ll be making a special brunch with a Mediterranean twist: Zaatar Eggs Benedict.

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