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Get Ready For Cooking Channel’s Holiday Programming

We’re celebrating the season with a whole line-up of festive holiday specials and shows!

Join Chuck when he tackles Christmas dinner for the first time, enjoy Cookies & Cocktails with Kelsey Nixon, Chrissy Teigen and Jon Legend, and make sure to save room for Nadia G.’s outrageous 7-course feast.

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Untrapped: Marrakesh With Jamie Oliver

In Morocco, Jamie takes a break to sample some street food.

So far on Jamie’s Food Escapes, Jamie Oliver has tackled Europe, making stops in Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Sweden. Now he’s venturing a little further from home to explore the enchanting Moroccan city of Marrakesh.

“It feels like going back in time,” Jamie says as he makes his way through the narrow alleys and vibrant outdoor bazaars, “and going back in time in the food world ain’t a bad thing.” He finds amazing food with a mix of influences from the French, who colonized Morocco, the nomadic Berbers, and the native Arabs: “That is a beautiful cocktail.”

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Poll: The Ideal Cookbook Shelf

Does this "Ideal Bookshelf" look like the one in your kitchen?

This print Ideal Bookshelf 102: Cooking by Jane Mount on art site 20×200 caught our eye, and made us realize that we haven’t had a good cookbook round up in a while…

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Untrapped: Stockholm with Jamie Oliver

On a Swedish island, Jamie forages for wild blueberries and mushrooms.

Next stop on Jamie Oliver’s enviable world food tour: Sweden. He’s living (and eating) it up in Stockholm, where specialties include such diverse delicacies as gravlax, reindeer heart, wild mushrooms, crayfish and fermented herring. “Swedish cooking is one of the unsung heroes of the cooking of the world,” Jamie says. “They have great produce and amazing ingredients. The food here is very clean, very fresh.”

Jamie wastes little time before checking out Stockholm's indoor market.

Jamie always heads straight for the market when he visits a new city. Stockholm’s indoor market is a sprawling collection of restaurants, cafes and specialty purveyors. It reminds me of Mario Batali’s new Eataly in New York, which models itself after these European anti-supermarkets. Jamie samples some cured reindeer heart, which “tastes like really good roast beef,” and then picks up a salmon filet to use for homemade gravlax.

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Untrapped: Paella and Pork in Andalucia With Jamie Oliver

In Andalucia, Jamie's cooking up a pan of paella...for 500 people.

On Jamie’s Food Escapes, world-traveler Jamie Oliver uncovers the culinary specialties of gorgeous corners of the globe. Tonight, he’s onto his next location: Andalucia, a region of southern Spain. This means tapas, paella, and pig prepared every possible way. And that’s only scratching the surface.

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Untrapped: The French Pyrenees With Jamie Oliver

In the French Pyrenees, Jamie becomes a member of the Brotherhood of Crostilot, which honors this artisanal bread.

Jamie Oliver is taking a detour from major cities this week on Jamie’s Food Escapes — check out his trips to Venice and Athens — to explore the charming, rustic towns of the French Pyrenees. On the French side of this mountain range that forms a natural border with Spain, the locals eat a healthy diet of rustic bread, truffles, cheese, sausages and duck confit. Miraculously, they also remain trim and have the lowest rate of heart disease among their French countrymen. “They live very, very long,” says Jamie. “There’s definitely something to be learned from these guys.”

Of course, Jamie dives into their cuisine head first, hoping some of that “French Paradox” will rub off on him. The locals welcome him with open arms — he’s even inducted into the “Brotherhood of the Crostilot Bread,” an artisanal sourdough made at one of the oldest bakeries in Cahors. “The brotherhood is about protecting brilliant food,” Jamie explains. “I told them I was a baker, and they said we’d love to initiate you!”

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Untrapped: Athens With Jamie Oliver

In Athens, Jamie gets into a friendly Souvlaki-making race with this young Greek cook.

“The only way to understand a culture and a country is to get into the restaurants, get to the markets. That’s the only way.” — Jamie Oliver

Athens, Greece. Most tourists take in the highlights of this ancient Greek capital before jetting off to the surrounding islands. Sure, the Acropolis is a must; hire a guide and take it all in. But before and after your history lesson, Jamie Oliver will make sure you eat well. On Jamie’s Food Escapes tonight at 8pm/7c, our favorite food-obsessed travel guide uncovers the culinary side of Athens.

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Untrapped: The Anti-Tourist’s Guide to Venice with Jamie Oliver

Even though it's his first trip to Venice, Jamie Oliver seeks out what the locals eat.

The canals, the singing gondoliers, the crowds of pigeons and tourists in Piazza San Marco. These are the iconic images of Venice that you’ll see on all the postcards. But if you, like Jamie Oliver, center your trips around culinary exploration, the highlights of this romantic Italian city include spaghetti alle vongole, cuttlefish, fresh peach bellinis and tiramisu.

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Fondues (and Don’ts)

Easy Cheese Fondue

Do you fondue? Here’s how to:

Do: Host a fondue party. Fondue is great any time of year, but winter is an especially perfect time to gather friends to dip carbs into a hot pot of melted cheese.

Don’t: Feel pressure. If you’re new to fondue, maybe a party isn’t right for you. Bring a cheese or chocolate fondue to a party or serve with other snacks on a buffet.

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Barneys New York Wishes You a Happy Foodie Holiday

The holidays are a time for rejoicing, but they also happen to be a time for feasting. Cooking Channel and Food Network teamed up with Barneys New York to celebrate all the glorious gluttony of the season in their “Have a Foodie Holiday” window display for 2010.

Barneys creative director Simon Doonan and team created delicious displays overflowing with inspiration from foodie culture. Check out which star chefs joined in the fun after the jump.

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