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25 Ways to Use Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes, are delicious tubers that act quite similarly to potatoes when cooked. They originate from a plant that looks like a sunflower, and are not artichokes or from Jerusalem, so how the name Jerusalem artichoke came about is debated. Most likely it was a misunderstanding over the Italian word for sunflower, girasole. No matter the name, Jerusalem artichokes are delicious — nutty, crunchy when raw and super nutritious.

At this point in the season, you should be able to find Jerusalem artichokes at your local grocery store or farmers market. Store loosely wrapped in a paper towel placed in a resealable plastic bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

But don’t go crazy on Jerusalem artichokes just yet. If you don’t know how your stomach (*ahem*) reacts to inulin, the carbohydrate present in Jerusalem artichokes, peel and cook before eating, which often helps alleviate the symptoms that gave these root veggies the nickname “fartichokes.” And now after that lovely mental image, 25 ways to snack on sunchokes:

  1. Like most other root vegetables, Jerusalem artichokes respond well to roasting. Try out this simple preparation that will become a go-to side dish in your house: Oven-Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes.
  2. Take that idea and run with it, mixing in any herbs and spices that you want, especially lavender and garlic.
  3. Sunchoke Pizza (pictured above) with kale, rosemary and three types of cheese is an instant winner at every table.
  4. Guy Fieri takes on pasta salad with Fieri Farfalle Salad, using red bell pepper pesto, mozzarella, olives and Jerusalem artichokes.
  5. Marinate Danish Ham — Viking Style overnight with honey, thyme, bay leaves, juniper berries and beer for maximum flavor. Roasting the ham with root veggies at the same time will cut down on cleanup after the meal.

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