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What I’m Gifting From My Kitchen This Year

Nothing beats a homemade gift from the kitchen during the holidays. I love gifting from my kitchen so much that I devoted an entire episode of Kelsey’s Essentials to it. My pie in a jar recipe is always a hit, but this year I wanted to do something that included a recipe that will be featured in my upcoming cookbook (coming in 2013!). I couldn’t resist my Aunt Kim’s famous gingerbread cookie recipe. They are soft and chewy, just the way I like my gingerbread men. To give them a bit more whimsy, I made them bite-sized. Isn’t everything more fun when it’s teeny tiny? I even used a few of the extra cookies to hang on my Christmas tree this year.

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Thirsty Thursday: Easier Than Pie

In case you didn’t get enough pie for Thanksgiving, try consuming your pie in the form of a creamy, frothy shake. For Kelsey Nixon’s Apple Pie Shake, all you need is three simple ingredients: vanilla ice cream, milk, and a thick wedge of apple pie. Think of it as drinking your pie a la mode through a straw. The best part about this recipe is that you can switch up the flavor of ice cream or pie, depending on the season and your own preferences. How about some pumpkin pie with cinnamon ice cream for an inventive Turkey Day drink? Or might we suggest spiking this shake with brandy or smoky, smooth bourbon to curb your holiday stress?

Bottoms up, folks.

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Kelsey Nixon Makes Thanksgiving Easy (No, Really)

If there were ever a time for mastering the Essentialsperfect roasting techniques, a go-to pie crust — it’d be Thanksgiving. So naturally we turn to Kelsey Nixon, creator of fast, affordable and easier-than-they-look meals, to guide us through the thickets of Thanksgiving preparation.

Tonight at 8:30PM ET, Kelsey finds inspiration from a mother-daughter baking duo to craft her own classic-with-a-twist Thanksgiving menu, starring a Cranberry-Apple Roasted Turkey Breast and a Pickled Root Vegetable Salad with goat cheese.

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Kelsey Nixon’s Essential Tailgating Tips

Kelsey's Essentials - North End Grill

Good news: Kelsey’s Essentials is returning to Cooking Channel for 13 new episodes of the essential techniques, equipment and foolproof tips you need to be the boss of your own kitchen. Tune in tonight at 8:30p/7:30c as Kelsey Nixon enlists the help of chef Floyd Cardoz of New York City’s North End Grill and learns his best outdoor grilling tips.

After the jump, get the contents of his grilling grab bag for a flawless on-the-go feast.

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Meatless Monday: Every Herb Pesto

pesto recipe
Pesto is a great way to use up fresh basil, but what about all of the other herbs? I’ve gotten cilantro, parsley, chives and mint from friends whose gardens are overflowing and in my own CSA share, and I am never able to use them up fast enough minus the few sprigs that end up in a salad or snipped over scrambled eggs. I end up having to throw the extra away. I start out with good intentions — I’ll freeze them or dry them to use in the fall and winter. But I usually forget about them until I see the brown bunch in the back of the fridge.

Kelsey’s Every Herb Pesto is the best way to use up assorted fresh herbs and to make a super flavorful, tastes-like-summer sauce to spread on crostini, spoon over grilled vegetables, slather on sandwiches and swirl into pasta dishes. Pesto freezes well, so make a whole bunch and freeze it for when it’s all grey outside and there are no green plants to be seen.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

My Sister Kylie, My Mom and Me

Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my mother were taught to me in the kitchen. The kitchen was the heart of our home and the place that I loved to be most – especially when spending time with my mom. When it comes to cooking, the greatest influence my mom had on me was her attitude and approach. She never complained about making dinner and utilized the kitchen as a creative outlet and an opportunity to showcase her talents.

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Vegetable Panini With Herbed Feta Spread

grilled vegetable sandwich

Way better than grilled cheese.

When I stopped eating meat about 15 years ago, I stopped eating sandwiches. Not on purpose, really, but it seemed that most were pretty meat-heavy — Italian mixes and Reubens and French dips and such. If I wanted a meatless sandwich, it seemed like the only option was grilled cheese. My first vegetable sandwich happened accidentally, at the dinner table when I was in middle school. My family was eating beef of some sort and I had, on my plate, the vegetarian offerings from that meal: broccoli and bread. So naturally, I made that into a sandwich. Soon I requested broccoli sandwiches at every meal.

I like to think I’ve evolved since then, and so have sandwiches. Vegetable sandwiches are no longer a novelty, but a regular item on restaurant and deli menus, enjoyed even by meat-eaters. Vegetables are pickled, roasted, grilled or raw and thinly sliced, layered with hummus, goat cheese, fried egg or fresh mozzarella, topped with a vinaigrette, a lemony dressing, or nothing at all; the juices from the vegetables soaking into and flavoring the bread. Kelsey Nixon’s Grilled Vegetable Panini is one such sandwich — it combines grilled vegetables (Kelsey calls for mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and yellow squash, but you can use whatever you like. Add asparagus, Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash or eggplant if that’s what you have on-hand), with a creamy herbed feta spread on ciabatta, pressed in a panini maker or between two skillets until it’s warmed through and the flavors of the grilled vegetables meld with the cheese forming a dressing — no mayo needed here.

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It’s National Cherry Pie Day!

Kelsey Nixon's Cherry Pie-in-a-Jar

Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day (plus National Cherry Month and President’s Day — remember that story about George Washington chopping down a cherry tree?) all in one go by baking up Kelsey Nixon’s adorable and easy Cherry Pie-in-a-Jar.

This concoction is perfect for home cooks who want the elegance of a fruit-filled masterpiece without all of the fuss. Cherries, sugar and cinnamon combine in a sweet yet tart filling that tastes even better with a golden brown crust. Spread the joy by delivering to friends or have a pie-in-the-jar party.

Either way, we guarantee your day will be a sweet success.

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Kelsey Nixon, Out and About

Kelsey's Essentials with Kelsey Nixon

Get ready for a whole new season of Kelsey’s Essentials. This time around, Kelsey’s spending some time out of the kitchen, looking for inspiration as she develops new recipes.

Tune in to today’s premiere as she steps into the role of butcher at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn, New York. Kelsey gets a lesson a butchering, gaining a new appreciation for a butcher’s favorite cut of meat, the eye of round steak (much less expensive than other premium cuts). Plus, she learns how to make fresh sausage, tailoring the ingredients to her recipe.

Kelsey puts her new skills to use by serving up Chicken Fried Steak and Sausage and Shrimp Over Grits.

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The Best of Cooking Channel 2011

Roast Chicken Enchiladas Suizas

Rachael Ray's Enchiladas Suizas weren't just a crowd favorite, they were the crowd favorite in 2011.

With only a few days left until year’s end, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on Cooking Channel’s 2011 with all it’s delicious offerings.

Look back with us at the shows, recipes, food and photos you loved the most in 2011. Scroll through, see what you think, chime in with your thoughts and impressions, and make sure to let us know what you want more of in 2012.

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