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A Tisket, A Tasket, 5 Recipes Fit For Your Labor Day Picnic Basket

Prepare for a lazy Labor Day picnic with a basket full of easy, portable snacks. Before you lay out your blanket at the park, make Instagram-ready Macaroni Icebox Salad — 16-ounce mason jars filled with refreshing ingredients — and the four more basket-worthy recipes below!

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The Best Labor Day Food

Get recipes and tips to make the most of the last drops of summer.

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Watch the Labor Day Marathon of Kelsey’s Essentials and Donut Showdown

This Monday, September 2, is Labor Day, and nothing beats a day that requires minimum, well, labor. So sit back and relax during this extra-long weekend, and tune into Cooking Channel for a Labor Day marathon of Kelsey’s Essentials and Donut Showdown.

Starting at 12pm ET, watch episodes from the new season of Kelsey’s Essentials. Kelsey finds inspiration from the latest trends in the culinary world, and then brings that influence back to the home kitchen. If you start to get hungry, check out Kelsey’s Best Summer Recipes for some late-summer satisfaction.

Then check out a marathon of Donut Showdown starting at 4pm ET for a deep-fried and sugary journey with our favorite trendy treat. Watch as some of the best donut makers across North America compete to creatively reinvent the donut using a mystery ingredient. Check out some of the creative donut creations from this season’s competition.

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Sifted: Top Cookout Recipes + Deep Fried S’mores

BBQ Chicken Brats by Simply Scratch

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Hot dogs may be classic cookout fare, but serve Simply Scratch’s BBQ chicken brats with pickled red onions and no one will be complaining.
  2. Do it big this weekend with Sugar Hero’s deep fried s’mores.
  3. No work on Monday means more time to relax, and The Bite House’s brown butter popcorn is just the treat you deserve.
  4. For your Labor Day bash, you can’t go wrong with Foodie Crush’s pulled pork sandwiches.
  5. This carrot cake banana bread recipe by See You In The Morning will make you happy.

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How to Pack a Perfect Picnic for Labor Day

Spend the last official days of summer outdoors with some of our favorite packable recipes. Be sure to make extra servings for your Labor Day picnic; these dishes won’t even last as long as your fleeting summer tan.

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Labor Day, Labor-Free


David Rocco's Beef Carpaccio: No Cooking Required

In our opinion, there should be absolutely no labor on Labor Day. Sure, the office is closed, but if you’re planning to entertain on Monday, we’re here to make sure you don’t spend the day hard at work in the kitchen.

With our mix-and-match menus of no-cook dishes, you can throw together a feast without breaking a sweat.

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