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Comfort Feast: Low-Key Lasagna

If the idea of making a lasagna as soon as you get home from work sounds time-consuming, never fear, this lasagna comes together with minimal prep thanks to a few store-bought shortcuts and my all-time favorite time-saver, no-boil noodles.

One thing you won’t want to skip are fresh herbs. A heaping handful of parsley will impart a ton of flavor to the overall dish, so definitely opt for fresh instead of dried.

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Sifted: Winter Comfort Foods, Healthy Weeknight Recipes + More

Rosemary Chicken Lasagna by Feasting at Home
5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Feasting at Home’s rosemary chicken lasagna calls for wonton wrappers for a more delicate comfort dish.
  2. Don’t settle for boring breakfast. Spoon Fork Bacon’s recipe for baked oatmeal is great for tasty leftovers and adjusts easily to whichever mix-ins you prefer.
  3. The Endless Meal’s mini BLT cups are cute bite-size appetizers perfect for your next party. We’re especially intrigued by the chipotle aioli.
  4. These peanut butter chocolate shortbread bars by Saramay’s Specialties are calling your name. The name in itself is drool inducing.
  5. Try this bacon leek and gruyere souffle by Who’s Hungry? It’s a dreamy combination perfect for a cold winter day.

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Fall Fest: Pumpkin and Winter Squash Lasagna

Vegetable lasagna is highly underrated. I find that layering textured vegetables in between melted cheese and pasta creates a comforting casserole that stands well on its own. There’s also so much more variety than your standard meat-and-tomato-sauce lasagna. The vegetables can be interchangeable depending on the seasons, and you can use a tomato sauce or a creamy white Bechamel sauce. On a limited budget this summer, I regularly cooked vegetable lasagna studded with red pepper, summer squash and mushroom, and this carnivore became an instant believer in the vegetable lasagna. In fact, I stopped calling it “meatless lasagna” altogether, as if something was lacking in them. I think they are more properly described as, “hardy, cheesy, vegetable-laden lasagna.”

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Date Night, in Your Kitchen

Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel

It is nice to get out of your house and have an intimate date at a cozy restaurant. Your palate deserves something special, every now and then. Dinner and a movie (or a concert!) with my wife—yeah that’s the kind of date I like. Usually there is room for negotiations: “You want to watch a chick flick? Then we’re having steak for dinner!” Or … “You want to try a new vegetarian restaurant? Ok, but then we see a movie where at least two dozens of cars explode!”

But now with kids, and no nearby family to watch them, when Debi and I go out, it is usually for a spontaneous lunch date, when our children are in school. We make time for ourselves when we can, and considering we don’t have a 9 to 5 kind of job, the middle of the day works really well for us. The evening though, the evening is tough!

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